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043 – Homeless FC strikes again – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


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In a little over a week, MLS will finally start again.

Most teams are still in pre-season, while MLS qualifying teams have already played their first games in the CONCACAF Champions League. But which teams are there and who has the best chance of them? These questions will be clarified in today’s episode of the MLS podcast.

Also present is the Newsgockl of the week, to which this week is dedicated to a team that with a simple decision put its fans in front of the other capture groups. Anne explains exactly what it is, which also had a bit of schadenfreude in this post.

In addition, of course, the current transfers will also be on the rise again and Daniel, Vincent and Anne have also watched the American boys, who are currently playing in the Bundesliga.

Before the start of the season, we’d like to invite you to our little typing game.

Just follow the link, record and defeat last year’s top winner Anne.


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