Spanish football

1×1 Alavés: small blow against a very organized Leganés – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Pacheco. He barely had to act during the game, but when he did, he was right. There were two pieces, ultimately out of play, that he had already broken in two, face to face.

Shield / Flag Alaves

Martin. Very active in defense, but the assist of the goal of Leganés came with his band. He suffered from Kevin Rodrigues' long track. It was designed in attack, but the pickles defended themselves effectively.

Ximo Navarro. Very serious defense, replacing Laguardia, but with some flaws. Courageous also when climbing. It is giving good feelings and is versatile and reliable.

Rodrigo Ely. He already had a yellow card in minute 2 for an ugly entrance from behind, but he knew how to dose so he wouldn't see red. Powerful in air play, both defense and offense.

Duarte. He lost last week against Granada. He is solid defensively speaking, dares to go up, makes good passes and has a good kick. But the Lega was waterproof.

Manu García. He received hits of all colors in the first 25 minutes. He tried to filter through the pass between the lines and ended up on some occasions with a lot of danger. There are people in Victoria who criticize him tirelessly, but he is an icon.

Pere Pons. He is a soccer player who steals balls and arms the game, but before such a close team, he could barely show himself. Lots of horizontal playback and few options to display.

Burke. It is a purebred. It has a power and speed that attract attention. Sometimes he remembers a rugby player climbing the band. Don't waste accuracy, but yesterday was very successful. Replaced and applauded by the stands, although it seemed that he did not understand any order because of his difficulty with the language.

Aleix Vidal. He definitely has problems with the fans. He played at a good level, was one of the few that overflowed, made some sensational passes and the ball is a genius. But he went to the bank and heard beeps.

Lucas Pérez. Fighter and fighter, but no chance of scoring. It struck in defense of three central Leganés. He fired, but went high or hit the tangle of the cucumber's legs.

Joselu. Another one that hit a wall all night. He fought against Real Madrid's tangle of defenders, but when the game was over he seized a ball not blocked by Cuéllar and scored Alavés's goal.

Luis Rioja. He started the season but now has alternatives like Wakaso, Borja or Burke. He left the bench to reactivate the attack, but the Leganés was very well positioned and could hardly hurt.

Borja Sáinz. Another different player, capable of overflowing and making good passes. But he was unlucky because, after leaving the defender, he was involuntarily hit a pair of balls and left. Well covered overall by its rivals.

Magellan. It surprised the entrance of a third center in the final stretch. It looked like it was to go up to finish and exercise the ram '# 9'. But what happened is that they fell behind the three and the two bands joined the attack.