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1×1 Barcelona: Suárez and Piqué saved the furniture – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


This was Barcelona's 2-2 performance at the Reale Arena against Real Sociedad.

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Ter stegen: The German goal was not as good as we are used to, especially in the second goal game, where a center that left was defective, leaving the ball free to score Isak with pleasure. Good at the beginning of the ball, but also without any big squeaks. He didn't get a big stop in merit because the only one who saved under the sticks was a rebound more than anything else.

Sergi Roberto: Good game for the canteran, but this time he had to take care of his back because his right flank was very unprotected during many stages of the game. Full of potential, their centers lack just a little more precision to complete a great match.

Piqué: Impressive. Perfect in every way. In defense of a royal wall, saving the team by air and air and attacking, able to send a head ball to the same goal line and cause a clear penalty when it would end in a dish in the last breath of the game, which strangely the VAR did not confirm. Get to the Classic at the best time of the season.

Lenglet: He fulfilled the script, but little more. He didn't know how to get out of his rival's pressure, losing more than one ball, and lacked the strength of other occasions.

Alba: His seventy minutes were exemplary, thinking it was an injury. Fast and consistent, he was still out of shape when standing for more than a month, but overall he was at an excellent level. It didn't go well with Messi, but this connection is expected to arrive on Wednesday against Real Madrid.

Sergio Busquets: Superb. He could read the game, breaking the pressure lines with accurate passes. One of them precisely for Leo Messi was the prelude to Suarez's goal. He recovered dozens of balls and was always under high pressure. His only, but it was the penalty game, where it can be exceeded in the claw, although both are taking the shirt.

Rakitic: The Croatian put his work in general under the insistent pressure of his rival who barely let the Blaugrana breathe. He often used the goalkeeper feature to oxygenate the pressure. He attempted a shot on target, which almost gave Real Sociedad a start.

Jong Departure: One of his worst games since playing at Barcelona. It's not that he did much less, but his contribution to the game was very discreet, in some stages even anecdotal. And that in a player of your level is unforgivable. Either way, your best version in Classic is expected.

Messi: Strangely little protagonist. Tightly pressed and even slightly overwhelmed by its rival's cobweb, Argentinian crack could barely display its repertoire of magic. A generous assist for Luis Suarez to score the second goal and little more. A bad balance for the best player in history.

Luis Suarez: The Uruguayan was very active during the ninety minutes. He helped Griezmann in the first goal and scored the second thanks to the enormous generosity of his friend and partner Leo Messi. He was close to scoring another goal after a hard kick that scored Real's goal.

Griezmann: The Frenchman had a match with many lights and shadows. Key in scoring the equalizer after a manual reaction with a pique master at the last moment, but also a little overbought and resourceful in the face of an opponent who never lost face in the game. On this occasion he almost tiptoed in connection with Messi,


Semedo: He played the last twenty minutes, replacing Alba, placing himself in the left wing and with an altered leg. Most importantly, he proved to be fully recovered and had no qualms about going up.

Aleñá: He left with great desire, but not many things came out. To top it off, he had a good break in the head after a strong confrontation in a ball fight.

Arturo Vidal: The Chilean left in the last minutes and we must recognize that he put another march in the game, although it was not enough to win.