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1×1 Betis: Joaquin is eternity for Villamarín – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Joel Robles: He was disappointed by the goal of Yuri, who put Villamarín in fear.

Emerson: It took a minute to make it clear that Barcelona did not worry him. Merit and race assistance for Joaquin to put the first on the scoreboard. He got on well with Lainez and never hesitated to play races.

Bartra: Better than the center than the middle. Successful in some anticipations in the area.

Feddal: He is aggressive and this is good for this Betis. It was lethal from above.

Alex Moreno: Sharp and intense in the first few minutes, like the rest of the team. Innocent of a penalty he should never have committed when he shook hands with Williams in what was a gift to Athletic.

Edgar: Ruby almost involuntarily found the element that best balances his team. It fits between centerpieces when the team creates plays and facilitates side raises. In defensive tasks, it is a key piece in the pressure and does not hesitate to cover much distance.

Saved: He signed in the first part the best level of the current season. He pressed and stole numerous balls that caused a lot of damage to the opponent. He had 4-0 in his boots, but missed.

Channels: Better needed than at other times, but equally protagonist in the pressure and exit of the ball. His freedom was total and it was a nightmare for the core of Athletic.

Lainez: He dares and is vertical, but still needs a lot to be the player who wants to become decisive. He slowed down Yuri and helped with the pressure. It has in Joaquín an excellent mirror.

Joaquin: There are no words to define your first 20 minutes. Each of your three goals reflects your quality. His 38-year-old hat-trick will go down in history and he did it before LaLiga's undefeated team. And he had the discounted room. He won his freehand renewal.

Loren: It is going through a good time even though the goal has been resisted. He participated in Joaquin and did a good job upstairs with Athletic headquarters.

They also played:

Kaptoum: He saw the yellow as soon as he left and it conditioned him in minutes when his team was very tired.

Borja Iglesias: He put a golden ball for Joaquin that should have been the phrase.

Javi García: He tried to put the physique on the bra when Athletic was already going with everything.

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* Data updated as of December 8, 2019