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1×1 Celtic: Rafinha should not be a holder – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Ruben: Betrayed by his mates. The work has been accumulated in the face of the defensive ineffectiveness of the celestial field players. The Leganés' three goals were great and Mos's goal saved another two.

Bad: Inaccurate. Much failed the passes, something more accurate in some centers he tried. As lazy in defense as the rest of his teammates. Sacrificed at rest to experience the heroic.

Aidoo: Overflowing Your powerful body has been surpassed by that of the local attackers. Dubitative with the ball.

Araujo: Demonstration of courage. He came after scoring 3-1 with a good header. From that moment on, he multiplied the defense and even joined the attack. Soul of an unknown leader so far.

Olaza: Obfuscated with the centers. He chose to hang the ball in the area in almost all his offensive plays without often having a clear auctioneer. Volunteer, he was proud of the second half and caused the foul that led to Celta's first goal.

Celtic Shield / Flag

Okay: Downtime had its price. Disoriented in the first hour of the game, he eventually recovered sensations. He flirted with the expulsion after charging with a yellow in the first half.

Pape: The one that emptied from beginning to end. In the first part, it seemed that only Celtic was running. He had to adapt to the pole in the second half and, with the ball, it was noted that it was not his position.

Rafinha: You should not be new to First. He has no physical condition to fight in the center and give rhythm to the game. He facilitated the first goal to commit a foul in front of the area.

Denis: Half an hour without sadness or glory. He had to ask for the change due to injury and on the bench it was seen that he had played with a spectacular bandage on his right ankle. Acting as a far left only seemed to perform some inconsequential conduct.

Blades: About to perform another miracle. With his team playing with one less, he scored a new goal for his collection of luxury goals and minutes later tied the draw in a 3-2 action. From his boots he had left Celta's one occasion in the first half, with a great pass for Mina. He found his place in the game when he stopped playing and started from the right.

Mine: No confidence in the auction. He has had two good occasions: a low shot from Aspas pass and a defective header. Uncomfortable in the band, much more recognizable at the tip.

Sisto (inserted by Denis): Active. Since its incorporation, Celta has had another march in attack. He put a good ball into the area in Araújo's goal.

Bull (inserted by Mallo): past revolutions. In the duel with Tarin, the central Leganés took a yellow and a red in 25 minutes. His only contribution was the head assistance to Araujo in the heavenly goal.

Brais (submitted by Rafinha): Participatory. He continued the reaction that had begun with Araujo's goal. Lacked to choose better nearby the area.