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1×1 from Valencia: Soler sets the definition for a jabatos team – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Jaume: He conveyed security throughout the game and only Benzema's firing mode shot overtook him. Before the break, he was alert and effective with the shots from Valverde, Benzema, Kroos and Rodrygo. Benzema's goal on the sidelines, Cilless complicated the return to property.

Jaume Costa: Volunteer in the effort, although his left-handed condition suffered him as he distributed the ball to the right. He was replaced by Manu Vallejo, receiving Mestalla's applause for his surrender.

Garay: His only mole in the entire game was the ball he let loose in the area in Benzema's goal. Courtois won the site and the draw of Real Madrid was born. But the Argentine, for the remaining 93 minutes, showed hierarchy.

Gabriel Paulista: Your gift is concentration, which covers any pond. He tied with Benzema, who kicked twice in the goal throughout the game, although one was the goal of the tie. Ended with lameness symptoms.

Shield / Flag Valencia

Gayà: He ate Rodrygo and Bale in defensive work and, once again, was left to his last breath in his offensive comings and goings. His appearances in the attack were synonymous with danger, especially a center for Ferran, whose headshot was slowly rising, and another on the arrival of Rodrigo, who guessed Courtois. Gayà gives spirit to this Valencia.

Wass: His initial position was one of the novelties of Celades. The Dane returned to the center, where he showed his combative mood. He forced fouls in favor of Valencia, with which he oxygenated his team under pressure from Real Madrid. After Manu Vallejo's departure, Wass went to the right. The Dane assisted in Carlos Soler's goal and, on the other hand, made some more danger centers.

Coquelin: Its character explains many of the virtues that this Valencia has. Physical waste and maximum solidarity. Omnipresent in the pressure and constantly offering to leave the team. Mestalla got up to fire him when he was replaced by Kondogbia.

Pair: The captain never hides. In some stages, he gave a recital of positioning, game reading and personality. Always offering and taking risks to break the center of Real Madrid. He finished breathlessly.

Carlos Soler: The fuel tank was low and he never stopped running. In the end, that was Valencia's goal, coming from behind to finish a Wass center. He starred in one of the match duels. His bites with Carvajal were constant. He saw yellow for warming up with Sánchez Martínez's decisions and for doing justice alone with the Madrid team, who in turn saw yellow for an entrance to Soler himself.

Ferran: Celades opted for the canterano as Rodrigo's partner. Their were Valencia's two best chances until the break. The first with a left-foot kick in the half-turn in the area, the second, the one mentioned behind Gayà's header. But best of all was the beginning of the second half. He stood alone before Courtois, but the ball was long in his last step. With Jaume Costa's departure from Manu Vallejo, Foios returned to his natural position on the right wing, although Nacho did not lose sight of him.

Rodrigo: Their influence was intermittent, although when Valencia appeared it generated unrest in Zidane's back. But it was difficult for him to find his place due to the accumulation of Real Madrid players in the center lane.

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Manu Vallejo: Celades changed his team with his departure. Wass, to the side; Ferran, for the band; and Manu, along with Rodrigo. Ramos looked great, but had the chance to put 2-0.

Kondogbia: He reappeared after a month of injury and had difficulty entering the game. Celades thought of him to oxygenate the center of the field, but barely participated.

Diakhaby: He jumped into the field to prevent Real Madrid from hanging balls, but it was just outside the corner that the equalizer came.