Spanish football

1×1 of Espanyol: no goal or defensive security – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Andrés Prieto: was one of the best players in Espanyol. He excelled in one hand in 31′ with Chalov. Very little could have done in the c.s. Moscow.

Shield/Spanish Flag

Lluís Lopez: barely suffered in defence and controlled his plot well. At the ball out he volunteered and, on occasion, overcame several pressure lines.

Naldo: took excessive risks at the ball exit and on some occasion snife a clean pass. He suffered and lacked force, such as the play that ended in the 0-1. In the change he was whistled.

Javi Lopez: He played as a left-back and adapted as best he could. He broke the offside that led to Chalov’s occasion in ’31’. He asked for the support of the hobby at some point. Serious match.

Pipe: tried to order the ball in band to try to focus, but did not have many occasions. He had a tour and when he could try something different. In defense it was correct.

Iturraspe: he put the game on his temper and was right in the midfield. He didn’t get complicated with the ball on his feet and showed experience. Good morning.

Pol Lozano: was in charge of serving all strategy actions until the appearance of Granero. He’s a very interesting player. It covers a lot of pitch and does not take any balls for granted. Good ball movement.

Piatti: went from plus to minus. He had 1-0, but failed a hand-to-hand against Pomazun in 14′. He found gaps in the back of the midfield. He lacked success and security.

PedrosaHe lacked some force in defence and on several occasions took The Reprimands of Machín. The game ended better by playing the attack. He gave Wu Lei a good attendance in ’74’.

Campuzano: he suffered an elbow in the first few minutes of the match and had to be taken care of. He gave oxygen to the team in attack, but he was right on the passes. He was replaced to rest.

Ferreyra: desperated in some actions the hobby of Espanyol. He missed some clear passes although in the 14′ he showed quality by attending Piatti in an unbeatable way. He missed more arrival.

Wu Lei: he gave something in attack and was able to dial. Its controls and conductions are good, but it still fails in definition. He didn’t hit in one hand in 74′.

Barn: tried to put experience in the middle of the field.

Calleri: came out eagerly and tried some play.