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by: Adam Smith


Angry ex-Mario Gomez can look around in the basement of Cologne after his long-time attack on video assistants.

"We spontaneously said to us this morning: We would like to invite Mario Gomez if he is interested. He can come to the Video Assist Center and see the whole thing," said Jochen Drees, video-confident project manager at the German Football Association (DFB), the "German Press Agency".

"We are happy to explain to him how the video assistant and the calibrated line work. He can also sit down at a workstation and evaluate offside situations. He is very welcome!"

Gomez had complained after a 1-1 draw by VfB Stuttgart on Monday night in the second division match of SV Darmstadt 98 that in the 66th minute he again did not recognize a goal due to an offside position.

"People come to the stadium because they want to see goals. And if we whistle two centimeters each time – that's a joke," the 34-year-old complained on the TV channel "Sky".

Five Gomez goals in three games withdrawn by VAR

There is so much pressure "on this stupid video evidence so far," said the visibly upset Gomez. "It's just a fool!" It was Gomez's fifth goal in the last three games that was withdrawn.

However, Drees pointed out that in four of the five unknown goals – including in Darmstadt – the line judge considered the situation offside and was not corrected by the Cologne video assistant. Seen in this way, these hits would not have counted even when the technical aids did not yet exist.

"So these processes had very little to do with the video assistant, which only confirmed the right decisions on the field," said former Bundesliga and FIFA referee Drees.

He understood the anger of the player who wanted to score as many goals as possible, "but I don't see any discrepancy from the video assistant or the referee assistant on the field that should be criticized."

"A receipt for having been on their balls for 20 years"

There is also no discretion in the offside assessment. "The calibrated line we use is the same as the one Fifa certified for the 2018 World Cup. The calibrated lines are very accurate," Drees said.

The processes would always go the same way: "The video assistant first records the moment of the first impulse on the ball, which occurs when played with the foot or head. The high-resolution cameras produce up to 150 frames per second. You have a very detailed description of that crucial time. "

Gomez had raged again in anger, Stuttgart even speculated on personal background: "It may now be the reception of the judges who sat in the basement for having been on their balls for 20 years," he said. "I'm glad it's not going to hit me for another five years because it's not so much fun," he added with dismay.

Drees, in turn, added to the display of the referees and their assistants: "Believe me, the referees also prefer to run games that score many goals."