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2. Bundesliga “News” Pyro-Premiere at HSV: Fans zondel – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Blue and white smoke passed through Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion on Saturday, and most of the 50,000 or so spectators were satisfied. The first approved and controlled pyro-show in the German Professional Fu-Ball without intermediate f’lle.

Ten HSV fans from the Ultra camp had ten smoke-pfe three minutes before the second league game of Hamburger SV against Karlsruher SC in the area between the Nordtribon and the goal.

A specialist company and folder supervises the action. Feuerl-scher is ready for an emergency. The DFB and the city’s authorities have approved the action. The police union has described it as “blue-eyed and very risky.”

The reaction of the fans was eagerly awaited. During the nearly three-part show, they waved blue, black and white flags. There have been complaints that the ultras sabotaged the action and burned fireworks in the spectator block with smuggled pyrotechnics, making it a repeat of the Malemaenehmenl-sen.

HSV pilot project finds nationwide imitators

“It’s our fan, was we doing it,” HSV coach Dieter Hecking told the Ultras the day before. Pyrotechnics is part of the fan culture for many fueball-anhunngers. That’s why they don’t want to. The controlled burning of fireworks outside the spectator areas can be compromise.

The HSV hopes for under-rated assessments of the pyro-problem that has existed for decades. If the HSV-Ultras accept the ‘over-guarded show and the mere sen-contaminant of uncontrolled and forbidden burning of fireworks in the spectator block, the Hamburg pilot project could find imitators nationwide.

So far, clubs often pay six-figure euro fines because fans are “overruling the pyro ban and straining fireworks in the spectator area. With the first fine of 190,000 euros issued a few days ago, Hertha BSC is the record holder in the Buegeldern fer unauthorized pyro-use of the fans.