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2. Bundesliga” News” These problems have Hecking at HSV – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


In the first months of the 2019/2020 season, the HSV finally became calm. Under the new coach Dieter Hecking, the Rothosen plays the best football in years and led the table of the 2nd Bundesliga logically. In the end, however, the engine stuttered, even second place is in danger. Four problems stand out.

  • HSV Problem No. 1: The Auswurtsmisere

At the first time, the HSV was still running smoothly in the foreign country. The first two Ausw-rts won the Hanseatic League in an impressive way, giving Nurberg (4:0) and Karlsruhe (4:2) I four goals.

Since then, however, the Hamburgers have remained winless in seven guest appearances. The defeat in the city derby against St. Pauli was particularly painful, and the scoring in Regensburg, Wiesbaden and Sandhausen also d-mpften the mood.

What is up to it is that the team is less dominant on the opposite turf than in the local Volksparkstadion.

Replacement captain Rick van Drongelen denies this: “It can be seen that something is missing. That force we have in the home games.” This is where Dieter Hecking has to start!

  • HSV Problem No. 2: The Middle St-rmers

After the departure of Pierre-Michel Lasogga, the HSV lacks a (halfway) reliable goalryer. Although the eccentric attacker also has to deal with fluctuations in the pre-season, the bottom line is a strong 19 times (13 goals in the league, six in the DFB-Pokal).

Lukas Hinterseer succeeded the storm tank that had emigrated to Qatar. With 18 goals, the ‘sterreicher have ahead of VfL Bochum for a sensation. Getting such a goalgetter abl-se-free was hailed as a coup in Hamburg.

Ern-chterung. Hinterseer’s chances are desperate for HSV fans, instead of his six mandatory match hits, it would be good and happy to be twice as many.

Coach Hecking, who has long kept his loyal, has also been criticised. “Luke can certainly play a little bit better than in the last few games,” said the 55-year-old, but remained cautious in his choice of words.

For good reason: Hinterseer is the only nine in the squad who has proven at least in stages to help the team. His competitor, the American Bobby Wood, cannot take advantage of the chances against Dresden (2:1) and Osnabrack (1:2).

Fans and experts agree that in winter, despite tight coffers, a new middle-aged rmer has to be picked up in order to make Hinterseer fire. Because without Knipser it gets tight with the ascent!

  • HSV Problem No. 3: The Fuhrungsspieler

In the course of the upheaval, the team will be re-indemand in the summer. The professional in the squad is Aaron Hunt (33), who was in the squad after the Bundesliga relegation in 2018.

On the pitch, however, the former Bremener rarely lives up to his responsibilities. This is mainly due to the injury-related nature of the midfielder, who has played only 10 of 17 round-robin matches. As a result, Hunt lacks trackable rhythm, creative impulses are missing.

Combined with his already rather flaccid Kurper language, the left-hander does not look like a féhrungs player who can steer his team even in difficult situations.

Hunt’s representative is the young Niederlunder Rick van Drongelen, a vociferous young leader who was not surpriseto the first eleven at the jengsten 1:1 in Sandhausen. It is unclear whether the wobble candidate will be allowed to run again against Darmstadt. And that? There is ebb and swell!

  • HSV Problem 4.

Before the season, the HSV bosses put everything on a map, revamped the squad and brought two absolute experts on board with Dieter Hecking and transgaming.orgs director Jonas Boldt. The expectation in the surrounding area is clear: in the second year after the relegation, the run-over to the upper house must take place.

But was that when the former dino returned? Was when the Rothosen lose the connection? Then it gets serious for the financially started traditional club.

Correspondingly groo is the ascent pressure on the Elbe. No one can get free of this – not the team, not the coach, nor the ‘brige athletic leadership’. Already now the roar gets louder with every d’mpfer.

If the HSV does not get the curve bald, the mood can tilt completely – and the club sinks into chaos again.

Heiko Lokkehus