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by: Adam Smith


Head coach Tim Walter has caused a good boost at second division football team VfB Stuttgart with research and bold statements. Now he emphasized that he wanted to continue to maintain his open and emotional nature.

"Football isn't always just peace, joy, pancakes. It's tough, it's duels and duels. You have to deal with it when you get taller. Feelings on and off the field are part of it. Otherwise, the loses its charm." , Walter clarified in conversation with "Sport Bild".

That Walter has surpassed the target at one time or another since working in the traditional Swabian club and has thus been fined, among other things, is fined 5,000 euros: "I am honest, sometimes uncomfortable. I include what is on my head, want the people around me to share my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it's hard for me to find the middle. "

Walter about his role models Guardiola, Klopp and Co.

For the studied transgaming.orgs scientist, who had his first major position in the 2nd Bundesliga at Holstein Kiel last year, it was crucial that he "remained authentic" and "did not bow down".

Walter wanted to remain true to himself, although after several defeats this season he had a lot of headwinds blowing on his face: "I don't want to imitate anyone, I don't want to copy any character. Of course, in football, I have role models: Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp, Marcelo Bielsa or Carlo Ancelotti, who I was able to do a internship in Munich. "

At the same time, the 44-year-old struggled with unfiltered and openly expressed opinions in the professional business: "I dare to doubt whether the honest opinion is always said."

With his VfB Stuttgart, Tim Walter played a moderate first half of the season. The Swabians are still in relegation but have won only nine of 17 matches and have already suffered embarrassing defeats against Wehen Wiesbaden, VfL Osnabrück or SV Sandhausen.