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2022 World Cup Some facts concerning El Khalifa International Stadium – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


2022 World Cup Some facts concerning El Khalifa International Stadium - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

El Khalifa International Stadium was the first stadium ready in Qatar to receive World Cup matches, as Qatar announced its readiness in mid-May 2017. It was inaugurated a second time after its development process which touched some of the seats and lighting system. For players to perform their best performance in high temperatures, the cooling system was introduced into the stands.

It should be noted that the stands is one of the most prestigious in Qatar. It was established in 1976 and was extensively renovated in 2006 to host the Asian Games. 2017 was the year he saw the second and last process of renewal of the stand, which passed for the 2022 World Cup. On this occasion, here are some facts concerning the place:

First: Khalifa International is the national stadium of the country where most national team matches are held in various competitions. He was the host, previously, of important friendlies, by way of example: an exhibition between Argentina and Brazil and another match between Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain.

Second: The capacity of the stands is currently 40 thousand spectators. The venue will maintain this place even after the 2020 World Cup, as it is historically one of the most important playing fields in the country. The stadium stands out geographically in that it is close to the center of the capital (Doha) and has next to it a wide selection of large shopping centers.

Third: The stand will host some of the world’s matches (only until the quarterfinals), on the other hand, the opening match and the final of the World Cup at Lusail Stadium will be held.

Room: The Khalifa International is the stadium that hosts the most international, continental, and regional championships. The playing field received the Gulf Nations Cup more than once. He also received the fifth edition of the Asian Games (2016) and the Arab Games in 2011.

Fifth: The bleachers are a major part of the Aspire Zone and belong to it. Aspire oversaw its development process before it opened in 2017.

Sixth: The venue will host the Gulf Nations Cup matches (the 24th edition), the event will take place during the current year, from November 27 to December 9, and your draw will be next Wednesday (October 23).