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& # 39; Overbooking & # 39; in Las Gaunas for the first round of the Cup – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


& # 39; Overbooking & # 39; in Las Gaunas for the first round of the Cup

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The first round of the Copa del Rey will wear Logroño with his best clothes.. How do they point from the LA RIOJA Newspaper, of La Rioja's four home-team teams, three were lucky enough to do so (Haro Deportivo will visit Llagostera).

Comillas CF, 14th in Group 16 of the Third Division, will be visited by an entire Villarreal. While SD Logroñés, fifth of this group, will do the same with Eibar. A visit from the first two that requires a stadium of greater substance than the 82 worldwide (with a capacity of 3500 spectators) that the two sets usually use. And this is none other than Las Gaunas, home of the legendary Logroñés Sports Club, and now belongs to the the Logroñes UD. The goddess Fortune has decided that the confrontation between the latter and the Marino de Luanco also takes place in Logroño.. A situation that would force three games to be played in three days (December 17, 18 and 19) at the same venue.

Draw or not

As Pedro Fernández Lavadía, secretary of the Riojana Federation, advised the Riojan tabloid, "Against First, they certainly won't let us play in the 82nd World Cup.". The problem is resolved and is a situation to deal with. Therefore, as reported by the media, the city of Logroño called on the three clubs involved on Sunday at 8 pm to find a solution for such a troublesome size.

In this way, the simplest would be for either team to give up playing in Las Gaunas, something hard to imagine. As Fernández Lavadía was doing well, a visit from the First Division teams will occupy a position of 3,500 people and one of 16,000, while Unión Deportiva will not stop playing in their own stadium. The situation is not simple.. We will see the solution emanating from this meeting in the city hall.