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# 58 | In conversation with coach Marcus Dörfer – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


In the summer of 2019 Marcus Dörfer switched to BSG Wismut Gera and signed a two-year contract. Previously, the B license holder had led the SG TSV West suburbs to the league after the stations SV Thalbürgel / SV Blau-Weiß Bürgel and SV Elstertal Silbitz / Crossen. The change in the city was not without emotion. But in the meantime, this chapter is complete, and Marcus Dörfer has earned the trust of the bodies and supporters of BSG Wismut Gera. After his first half in the league, we talked to Marcus about the league's best offensive, the excellent game in Arnstadt, the disappointment after the annual final against Weimar and today's events in the league.

Thuringia League splitter

fupa.net: draw points! Shock for FC An der Fahner Höhe

The transgaming.orgs court in Thuringian Football Federation imposed
the sentence of nine points deduction and one additional due date
missing judge. "Of course, it's very bitter to us that this
The fall championship is over. That a team is penalized for
is outdated. We will continue to fight and will continue
Remaining undefeated is the reaction of Rolf Cramer – transgaming.orging leader on
FC An der Fahner Höhe.


SV Arnstadt: coach team free

In evaluating today's transgaming.orging situation and
The board and they have expectations for the development of the team
athletic leadership with the coaching staff of the first team in one
Termination of cooperation agreed with immediate effect. A success
is not yet regulated. SV 09 Arnstadt would like to thank you very much
Thomas Giehl and Heiko Weinrich for the dedicated, trusting and
successful cooperation in recent years.


SG TSV West Suburbs: Mike Baumann is no longer the men's SG coach.

The club announces that Mike Baumann is no more than
Coach with the national team performs. The board of TSV Westvororte thanks
Contact explicit coach for his involvement in the past
First round. The board dealt with the circumstances surrounding the separation
not commented. The transgaming.orging directors of SG, Olaf Wenzel and Philipp
Schlebe was asked to find a new coach for the second half of the season.
All parties work flat to ensure optimal preparation for
To guarantee the second half of the season.


transgaming.orgbuzzer.de: SV Ehrenhain waives promotion to Oberliga for financial reasons

"The financial and personnel costs are already in place
the gaming operation huge. In addition to many long-standing associations
smaller sponsors and donors with main sponsor Thomas Rath an encouraging one
football mad protectors, but for the adventure Oberliga it would at least be necessary
three more of them. By the way, the inner room with drainage,
Sprinkling, fountains and new lawns are being renovated, which is far more than 100,000
Would have cost the euro.


fupa.net: Possible promotion in the top league in Ehrenhain still open

The reports from Osterländer Volkszeitung and Sportbuzzers are not correct and annoy me enormously. We have not scheduled a promotion to the league, nor have we announced an exemption at this time. The Board has not yet provided intensive advice on this and has not yet made a decision. This decision will be made for the associations within the official registration deadline. However, there are still a good three months left until then! "Thomas Rath said of the forthcoming reports from various media to FuPa Thuringia.


Indoor Tournaments 2020

Participation in the Wolf Gang Master January 11 in Panndorfhalle, which BSG has joined forces with SV Roschütz, is already safe. The commitments from FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt, ZFC Meuselwitz, Einheit Rudolstadt, Stahl Riesa, Ehrenhain and Grün-Weiß Stadtroda have already been received.

21st edition of R + V Hallenmaster on January 18, 2020 in the multipurpose hall in the city of Kremmen: As every year, the participant field promises a real treat for any football body. The organizers can welcome the following teams as participants: defending champion SV Altlüdersdorf (Brandenburg League), TuS 1896 Sachsenhausen (Brandenburg League), BSG Wismut Gera (Thuringia League), FC 98 Hennigsdorf (Landesliga Nord), BSC Fortuna Glienicke (Landesliga Nord), SV Eintracht Alt Ruppin (State class West), VfL Nauen (State class West) and FC Kremmen 1920 eV (district league). Starting at 16, the ball rolls and the successor to defending champion SV Altlüdersdorf is sought. Admission to indoor tournaments and subsequent discos costs 7 euros (reduced 5 euros).