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by: Adam Smith


For many years – exactly since 1 August 1999 – the Internet address www.thueringer-fussball.de was the point of contact for all friends of Thuringian football. The football fans found results, match reports and information not only in the daily newspaper but also online. Fifteen years later, the portal fanreport.com wanted to professionalize online coverage of amateur football and gain a foothold in Thuringia. But this failed, but not because of the Free State, but because of the money. The start at the FuPa.net participation portal was completely different. In the meantime, Felix Böhm and André Hofmann have ensured that FuPa Thuringia has found a permanent place in amateur football in Thuringia. The portal provides information about clubs, leagues and players of amateur football in the region. The creators of the success story and the shareholders of Sportlight – Böhm & Hofmann GbR were the answer in the 61st edition of podcast ORANGE.

FuPa GmbH (Peigertinger Str. 9, D-94538 Fürstenstein)

FuPa – the regional football portal (formerly used as an acronym for
Football Passau) is a German internet portal
reporting from the German amateur classes. Originally, it was
about the four Lower Bavarian football districts of Passau, Bayerwald, Straubing and
Landshut reports.

The portal was founded in 2006 by
Amateur footballer Michael Wagner. He founded as a 16-year-old student
his Internet project for the football club Passau. He wanted to see the most important
Collect messages in a “basket” and make them accessible to everyone. That was
but only if the clubs would also play. And they did. The
idea of an interactive homepage from the A-Class to the Kreisliga, much
Interesting facts about the clubs, the current tables and
Player transfers – all this Wagner wanted to offer his “users” every day. 75
Visitors counted the portal at the start. A participation portal of associations for
Clubs were created, the number of visitors increased steadily. Gradually
with the help of many voluntary authors, he was able to report on
throughout Lower Bavaria.

FuPa GmbH was founded in 2009. On 30 May, he was
On June 1, 2010, the project was awarded the Grimme Online Award in the
Information excellent. A short time later, FuPa took over the site
bayliga.de, in which the Bayernliga and the three Bavarian
received attention from the national leagues. On 20 January 2011, the
cooperation with Hierl & Müller GbR from Straubing
Reporting on the football district of Oberpfalz.

In 2012, FuPa launched an offensive in North Rhine-Westphalia.
In cooperation with RP online, one of the largest regional news portals
Germany, FuPa Niederrhein was launched. Almost at the same time,
FuPa Sachsen-Anhalt. For FuPa, the collaboration with RP online is the
first cooperation with a major publishing house.

In May 2014, a mobile version of fupa.net
Published. After a test phase, each visitor was presented with a mobile
device is redirected to the mobile version of the website. FuPa submitted
development is of particular importance for short loading times, small data packets and a
intuitive basic logic of navigation. At the same time, “myFupa” was launched
Called. The next major technical innovation: a personalised system.
With “meinFupa” each user can have their own news channel (News)
by, for example, favouring players, clubs or leagues.

Since 1 July 2014, FuPa has been waiting with a premium system
for live ticker detectors. For each live leaked game, the reporter receives
ten points, two points each in indoor tournaments. These points can be used for
different premiums are redeemed.

Fupa Thuringia

Through a franchise system, FuPa expands the
Field. In Thuringia, Sportlight – Böhm & Hofmann GbR
(Dimensions Path 1c, 98617 Meiningen) license holders and for the FuPa portal
Thuringia. The shareholders are Felix Böhm and André Hofmann.

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