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#62 ‘ A Night in Kremmen – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Since 2000, FC Kremmen has been organising the Hallenmasters in the Stadtparkhalle, built the previous year. On January 18, spectators can expect a fantastic football night at the 21st edition of the football hall. Since 2016, BSG fans have been regular budenzauber visitors. This year, some 50 BSG fans will travel to Brandenburg. Remmidemmi and Paparazzo talk about the background of the enthusiasm for the indoor football tournament in the 62nd edition of the podcast.



FUSSBALL.DE and the kicker
Volkwagen has launched a very special campaign: From the current season 2019/20
is not just the bundesliga’s official top scorer. In
As part of the action “The Goalkicker Cannon ® for All”, men
best goalkeepers from the 3rd league to the 11th league as well as in the women’s
most accurate forwards up to the 7th league officially with the canon goal-kicking
(at least) 16 people in total.

At level 6, all top 20 players have a reduction of more than
one goal per game, with leader Oguz Ayan (1st FC)
Munich , 31 goals in 19 games) scored 1.63 goals per game
Marked. The best odds, but has Rico Heuschkel ( BSG Wismut Gera ): 14
Games, 24 goals, so 1.71 on average! He’s in sixth place. Lla
The actors with the most hits per game are tobias at this level so far
(Malchower SV ) and Jelto Focke Reuter (FC Dornbreite ), each
already managed a pack of six.

Source: !/

Oberliga- und Verbandsliga-Splitter

SV 09 Arnstadt welcomes new coaching team for return round

SV 09 Arnstadt will start the second half-series with head coach Martin Hauswald and co-coach Felix M’ller.

After the separation of the long-standing coaching team, the
and was able to maintain the contact that had already existed for many years.
Martin Hauswald to remove him from the task of taking over the transgaming.org
responsibility of the league team. In doing so,
of course the events around his former club, FSV WACKER 90 NORDHAUSEN,
played a major role.

Now the former professional footballer will lead the transgaming.orgs fortunes in our club in collaboration with Felix M’ller. His experience as a professional and coach can give the club legitimate hopes of continuing the successful path of recent years. He is a former player who is no longer fit to use him due to injury, who knows the club well and is very well connected to the team. His injuries will not allow for more active use in the coming months and the club was very interested in keeping him at SV 09 and involving him.

VfL 05 Hohenstein-Ernstthal: Withdrawal from the football team

Following a comprehensive analysis of the Board of Directors after the
Round-up we attract our top league football team with immediate effect
competition. Related information was provided today
to the relevant association.

After the round analysis, we have only 2 goalkeepers and
12 operational players, one of which has been in action since mid-August
not fully recovered kicker and among them also 3 workers per shift for the
training and playing operation. We currently have no
Funding channels to make the team competitive again during the winter break

In recent months, 6 players have been
for reasons of injury, work or family
Maintaining the Oberliga season.

We regret this development during the association on the one hand and
on the other hand have great respect for the performance of our guys in the
Tour with mostly only 0 to 2 changers on the bench. Great respect
even before the performance of our coach Steve Dieske, who with little
exchange options and often less than 10 players at the ‘load’ training
transgaming.orgy and socially positively listening together” and cared for 13
points reached and just in the final phase of the round of
“very little” done! Thank you and respect to all!

The withdrawal of the top football league now in the
winter and not only after the end of the 19/20 season is also in line with
the principle of fair play with respect to current players, if they
want to join another club and also to the other
league teams. A possible distortion of competition in the
Inevitable return rounds not bids or understaffing on match day
is therefore completely excluded.

Former BSG players

Philipp Katzenberger leaves TSV Aubstadt

It was only before this season that defender Philipp
Katzenberger from bSG Wismut Gera from Oberliga Sàd to the Regionalliga upstart
TSV Aubstadt. But the 20-year-old couldn’t get away with it,
He did not call the substitutes’ bench and did not play a single minute.
Now the central defender moves back to the Oberliga Sd, firm
vFC Plauen ninth table.


Room Dates 2019

Wolf RegionalMasters – France Panndorfhalle – France January 4, 2020

Kreisoberliga-Final Light SV
1924, the Munichabernsdorf Movement surprisingly wins the Gera Wolf-Regio Masters
The Panndorfhalle. In front of 280 spectators, the Munchenbernsdorfers
in the final after the penalty shootout with 3:1 against the traditional BSG team
Wismut Gera.

In the other semi-final, the
Wismut internal duel a little surprising the traditional team with 2-0 against
Kreisoberliga team, which had so far walked with confidence through the tournament,
Higher. “We didn’t show everything in the preliminary round, we
Marcel Lange joked after the game.

The Wismut Reserve held
harmless for this in the small final and beat the R’dersdorfer after a
Marcel Hartmann’s double pack and a Siaka Diaby hit on a
Robert Wunsch’s counter-goal just before the general whistle with 3:1.
tournament and won five of the six matches. It was only in the semi-finals that
we left our line a little bit and we were quickly punished for it,” he said.
Wismut II coach Roy Beck.

number ‘1578344051
(Jens Lohse / OTZ / 06.01.2020)

23rd New Year’s Tournament In the Hall of SV Lok Altenburg (en) Golden Plough (Golden Plough) January 5, 2020

The second performance of FC Carl
Zeiss Jena won the 23rd edition of the traditional SV Lok football tournament
Altenburg. The Saalest-dter had last year’s winner 1. Fc
Greiz beat by 2-0 goals.

In Group A,
Wismut Gera with four wins the maximum yield of twelve points ahead of steel
Riesa with three wins. In the semi-finals, the BSG narrowly lost 1:1 and 5:6 n.N.
to 1. FC Greiz. The match on the square was against BSG Stahl Riesa
(Sachsenliga) won 3-0.

(Udo Zagrodnik /transgaming.orgbuzzer.de / 06.01.2020)

Wolf Gang Masters – France Panndorfhalle
January 12 2 p.m.:
It is already clear that participation in the
Wolf-Bandenmasters on January 12 from 2 p.m. at the Panndorfhalle, for which
partnered with SV Roschàtz. Participants are FC Rouge-Blanc
Erfurt, ZFC Meuselwitz, FC Einheit Rudolstadt, BSG Stahl Riesa, SV 1879 Ehrenhain,
JFC Allstars, FSV Gron-Wei’Stadtroda, SV Roschàtz – Friends as well as the G.S.O.
Wismut Gera is already available.

21. R-V Hallenmasters in Kremmen

Since 2000, FC Kremmen has been organising
City Hall built the Hallenmasters the previous year. After January 2006,
Honorary President Egon Borchert, who led the association for 40 years, has died
Kremmen’s Hallenmasters bore his name. With the 18th edition
The General R-V Insurance Agency Jurn Winter has taken over the naming rights. Sun
the event was first known for 2017 as “R-V Hallenmasters” in the
Stadtparkhalle, after the tournament took place since 2006 under the title
“Egon-Borchert-Hallenmasters.” The 21st edition is also
presented to the insurance company.

In the tournament’s 20-year history, TuS Sachsenhausen is the tournament’s most successful team. Already 5 times the Brandenburg League has won the tournament. Kremmen’s hosts have managed 3 times so far.

  1. VfL Nauen (2000)
  2. VfL Nauen (2001)
  3. FC 98 Hennigsdorf (2002)
  4. FSV Forst Borgsdorf 2003
  5. 2004 FSV Forst Borgsdorf
  6. 2005 FSV Forst Borgsdorf
  7. SV Altlàdersdorf (2006)
  8. TuS Sachsenhausen (2007)
  9. SC Oberhavel Velten (2008)
  10. TuS Sachsenhausen (2009)
  11. SV Altlàdersdorf (2010)
  12. TuS Sachsenhausen (2011)
  13. FC Kremmen (2012)
  14. FC Kremmen (2013)
  15. FC Kremmen (2014)
  16. 1. FC Union Berlin U 19 (2015)
  17. BSG Wismut Gera (2016)
  18. TuS 1896 Sachsenhausen (2017)
  19. TuS 1896 Sachsenhausen (2018)
  20. SV Altlàdersdorf (2019)

On January 18, spectators can expect a fantastic football night with a show before the final as well as a tipping match with many interesting prizes. The football tournament will be followed by a glamorous evening.

Kick-off is at 4 p.m., admission is from 3 p.m. Admission ranges from 7 euros (Masters and disco) to 5 euros (reduced and under 18) to 0 euros (children under 14) and 5 euros from 10 p.m.

As every year, the field of participants promises a real
Pleasure for all football palaces. As ae participant, we can use the
Teams are welcome:

  • Group A
    Defenders of the titler SV Altlàdersdorf (BrandenburgLeague)
    FC Kremmen 1920 e.V. (Kreisoberliga)
    FC 98 Hennigsdorf (Northern Landsliga)
    BSC Fortuna Glienicke (Landesliga North)
  • Group B
    BSG Wismut Gera (Thuringe League)
    5-time winner of the TuS 1896 Sachsenhausen tournament (Brandenburgliga)
    SV Eintracht Alt Ruppin (West Country Class)
    VfL Nauen (West Country Class)