Spanish football

A fight between Barca radicals and independenceists initiated the altercations of the classic – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Hardly anyone returned home satisfied on Wednesday. Fans did not enjoy a very good football in the expected Party
. Those responsible for
Tsunami Democrotic, despite having caught up in media attention, they failed to bring the Drones who were going to fly over the Camp Nou
With Banners nor prevent the ball storm they would not be left in a chirimiri, nor were they able to project images of the pitch onto a building in Les Corts and to top it off the peaceful concentration of the exterior degenerated into serious riots.

Neither do Mossos d’Esquadra they were able to retire satisfied. The Minister of Interior, Miquel Buch, strongly supported yesterday’s police device and the action of its Riot on a much more complex night than everyone felt and that ended very badly when the hardest had been overcome.

The police don’t cause violent altercations, so do riot professionals”

Buch explained that the early stages of the device were successfully resolved. The two teams and the referee trio arrived on the pitch on time, and the 93,426 fans were accommodated at the time the match was beeped. Outdoors
Tsunami Democrotic had managed to gather his people, though not as much as expected. Two crowds who at many times merged and shared a fondness for football and political denunciation.


The spark that gave way to the riots came after a clash of punches and kicks between the group of supporters radicals Barca that are part of the animation stand and Independence protesters. The first had been several hours controlled by the Mossos d’Esquadra of the Mobile Brigade in the gardens of Bacardi. A command of the riot police already warned them that they would not be able to move until the Travessera de les Corts was cleared of people.

Protesters burned dumpsters again

Protesters burned dumpsters again
(Joan Mateu / AP)

They intended, as they always do, to get to the stadium by agreeing by the entrances one and two by doing a Corteo , a hooligan demonstration. Eventually the ultras decided to break the concentration and, entering by hand, dissolved from the gardens to go separately to their stands. But thirty regrouped in Travessera de les Corts, at the height of accesses 16 and 17, and began that march with chants, threats and blows to those who recorded them and exhibition of fascist symbols and flares.

The run-in was predictable. For several minutes they hesitated, they were stowed and despite the overwhelming majority of independenceists there was exchange of punches and kicks. Four Brimo vans arrived and were placed in the middle carrying both sides of the fight. They encapsulated the Barca hooligans and a group of independenceists who minutes earlier had requested their presence against the football ultras began throwing objects at the policemen and making them re-collect.

The Mossos had to intervene between the Barca hooligans and the radical independenceists

The Mossos had to intervene between the Barca hooligans and the radical independenceists

While that happened in that stretch of the Travessera de les Corts (it was only a few minutes before the start of the first part of the encounter), a group of independenceists tried to break into the compound by access 16. La Brimo prevented it, but soon after more than a thousand very violent young people they started several gates of Access 18 and tried to break into the stadium.

When that invasion attempt was resolved, Brimo’s command managed to regroup all groups and regain positions. The situation had already become out of control and the protest was already led by the most radical sector that seeks and knows how to have a hand-to-hand head with the agents. During the first few moments, Independence they outperformed the riot police, which were forced to retreat in the face of the shower of hulls, all sorts of elements and direct kicks to agents, shoving and breaking van doors: they even came to open one of them.

Blunt reaction

La Brimo only began to disperse with foam when the situation became unsustainable

The command of the Brimo in the street requested several times from his superiors permission to disperse with foam and the authorization was delayed, in an attempt to hold on a little longer, until the situation became unsustainable and the more radical ones already had what they were looking for: the melee with the uniformed, and a blunt reaction of the Brimo with foam shots, dispersion with vehicles and repeated use of the batons until regaining control of the situation.

In short, a bad day for everyone. And a very blunt message from Conseller Buch: “The police do not provoke violent altercations, that is what the professionals of the riots do that on Wednesday neither interested in football nor were there for the protest.”