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A little bit of Viera is too much for anyone. – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


A bit of Viera is too much for any Comanda to win Las Palmas with another pair. Scarce compensated for the result for Numancia. Once again, turning the extraordinary into a normal routine, enjoying the same in your neighborhood field than in the big stadiums, Jonathan Viera was decisive.

With a little, he attacked Numancia. Another double in the Las Palmas Sports Union, which, after this victory, is seventh and two points in the playoff and, by the way, surpasses Soria's team. Two strokes were enough for Las Palmas in the first half, just a few flashes, to annihilate the hope of a sincere Numancia. They were promised very happy from the start the yellow formation, mays Jonathan Viera was close to opening the scoring after 3 minutes, as was Benito shortly after.

Las Palmas Coat of Arms / Flag

Numancia just appeared and little more, the hope of a change of destiny that did not come. Not even in the 19th minute, when in his first play of danger, Valles, who won the game for Josep, was alert to Moha's kick. Pepe Mel's boys dominated, but they did not end up generating the danger to them of the child penalty committed by Escassi, who Viera became 1-0. Barrio hit the ball, but was entering the loud roar of Gran Canaria, which was repeated soon after with a Narváez scored trallazo of the house that slipped to the long pole, that from outside the area, to make the 2-0.

Shield / Flag Numancia

With everything settled, he managed to manage Las Palmas perfectly to his advantage in the second half. They put more courage in the students of Luis Carrión, more without order or concert. Anyway, a bargain at Las Palmas, which almost reached 3-0 at a Pedri boarding school, which crossed the ball excessively. Domain. He let Las Palmas dominate to some extent. He won comfortably and even Numancia did not create excessive danger. And he has Jonathan Viera, who was applauded, life insurance attentive to a rejection of I bellow a Pedri kick to make it 3-0 and now yes, if there was any doubt, close the match Escassi's goal only served to compensate for the result.


fire pit (45 & # 39;, Nacho), Alex Sola (56), Alejandro Sanz), Kirian Rodriguez (77 & # 39; Ruiz de Galarreta), William (78 & Iván Calero), Pekhart (86 & Juanjo Narváez), Maikel Mesa (90 & Jonathan Viera)


1-0, 26 & # 39 ;: Jonathan Viera, 2-0, 35 & # 39 ;: Juanjo Narváez, 3-0, 72 & # 39 ;: Jonathan Viera, 3-1, 80 & # 39: Scarce


Referee: Álvaro Moreno Aragón
VAR Referee: Aitor Gorostegui Fernández Ortega
Matthew (12 amarelo, yellow) Scarce (24 amarelo, yellow) Deivid (42 amarelo, yellow) Nacho (45 amarelo, yellow) Javi Castellano (67 Amarelo, Yellow) Kirian Rodriguez (79 Amarelo, Yellow) Ander Vidorreta (88 Amarelo, Yellow) Benito Ramirez (88 amarelo, yellow