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A new chapter opens when the WTCR says “au revoir” to Marrakech – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


The Salzburgring in Austria will be held on 24 May. Will be present at the WTCR – FIA Touring Car – World Cup 2020 until 26 July. The start of the upcoming season is at the Hungaroring. As part of the changes to the calendar approved by the FIA Touring Car Commission today in Paris.

The changes to the WTCR schedule for 2020, which include a revised date for the WTCR race in China so that cars and equipment can be shipped later than planned, must now be ratified by the FIA World Motor Sport Council. They also mean the end of an era.


After 10 fantastic years in Marrakech, the door is always open

After the first FIA World Touring Car race was held in 2009, the Grand Prix weekend in Marrakech immediately became a racer and an extremely popular addition to the calendar. Although the Circuit Moulay El Hassan is not included in the WTCR program for 2020, discussions are currently underway on future opportunities in the country.

Francois Ribeiro, head of Events, the WTCR promoter, said: “With the departure of Mehdi Bennani, Morocco’s leading racing driver, from the WTCR, the date is no longer on the calendar. Because without his participation and the support he brought, a race there just doesn’t run anymore. It was only through him that such a quality standard was possible there.”

“Marrakech was a unique place to open our season in such a beautiful country with a festive atmosphere and warm hospitality. As we finish a 10-year chapter with Marrakech, we have already begun to think about our next chapter with Morocco. In the meantime, has a close relationship with the Moroccan Ministry of Sport to make the country known as a transgaming.orgs destination.”

Ribeiro continues: “Morocco has become an important player in the automotive industry since we first drove there in 2009. It is a solid hub for car production in Africa and I have no doubt that our paths will cross again in the future. We would like to thank the organizers of the Marrakesh Grand Prix for all their commitment and support since the first visit to the WTCC. “

WTCR pilots at the Salzburg Speedfest

The Salzburgring is known for its fast speed and spectacular action and has been the venue of the FIA World Touring Car Championship and the FIA European Touring Car Championship in the past. Subject to approval, Austria’s first WTCR race will be held in July for the sixth time in the 2020 season.

The Salzburgring is located about 12 kilometres east of the city of Salzburg in Central Austria and has the honour of hosting the final event of the traditional European schedule of the WTCR before the Asian stage begins in China in September.

The line was first used in 1969 and measures 4,241 kilometers. The valley setting of the track offers a picturesque backdrop, while the fast route presents an exciting challenge for the riders and a lot of action for the fans. Further details of the event will be announced in due course.

Francois Ribeiro: “The Salzburgring is tailor-made for spectacular touring car races and has always been a highlight of the WTCC season. The central location is ideal for WTCR teams. We are pleased to renew our partnership with the track and bring the fans in this part of the world closer to WTCR racing.”


King of WTCR will begin WTCR title defense at home

With the Hungaroring, which is now scheduled for the season opener 2020 for the WTCR from 24 to 26 April, the king of the WTCR, Norbert Michelisz, will open his title defense at his home race – the WTCR Race of Hungary.

Hungarian fans, already widely recognized for the vociferous support of their national transgaming.orgs superstar, are expected to flock to the track in their thousands to cheer on their first FIA world title holder and attila Tassi to support the highly regarded 20-year-old as a possible heir to Michelisz’s throne.

In addition to the WTCR, the FIA Truck Racing European Championship 2020 will also take place during the Super Racing Festival with another local hero, Nobert Kiss.

“The Hungaroring weekend was already a great event, but the opening of the new season on Norbis’s home track will make it a special experience for many years to come,” said Francois Ribeiro.

Ningbo organizers take into account the revised WTCR date

The FIA Touring Car Commission has also approved a revised date for the WTCR Race of China, which will be postponed from 4 to 18 to 20 September with the approval of the operator of the Ningbo International Speedpark. This allows the teams to ship cars and equipment from Europe to Asia for the end of the season. The new date is subject to ratification by the FIA World Motor Sport Council. In the meantime, the FIA and Events will work with local authorities and organiser Mitime to investigate the development of the coronavirus outbreak.

WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup 2020 Calendar (Revisions/changes subject to approval by the FIA World Motor Sport Council)

WTCR Race of Hungary (Hungaroring), 24-26 April
WTCR Race of Germany (Nürburgring Nordschleife), 20-23 May
WTCR Race of Slovakia (Slovakia Ring), 5-7 June
WTCR Race of Portugal (Circuito Internacional de Vila Real), 19-21 June
WTCR Race of Spain (MotorLand Aragon), 3-5 July
WTCR Race of Austria (Salzburgring), 24-26 July
WTCR Race of China (Ningbo International Speedpark), 18-20 September
WTCR Race of South Korea (Inje Speedium), 16-18 October
WTCR Race of Macau (Circuito da Guia), 19-22 November
WTCR Race of Malaysia (Sepang International Circuit), 10-13 December

Source: WTCR Press Office

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