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A roller coaster of vertigo – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


A roller coaster of vertigo

 - Transgaming 1

Barça started a point on Anoeta's roller coaster in a big power play in power against a big Real. A Busquets penalty shootout, which was repeated at the last minute of the Piqu gameis. The first was pointed, the second not. In the end, a draw for two in a match that leaves a Gigantic Classic prologue.

Barça in Anoeta appeared with the team that should play on Wednesday to face a Real Sociedad that surprised to put Isak in the tip instead of William Jose. A detail of the Imanol that set fire to the first part. The Swedish striker's ability to incorporate the lines that occupied the space between the defense and the center of Barcelona associated with Odegaard caused a massacre in Barca during the first 45 minutes.

Barca did not know how to overcome this gap with which Real generated game and did not culminate because Oyarzabal needs to believe that he is there to finish the game. Realistic pressure was sometimes suffocating for a Barcelona that appealed to Ter Stegen's long period as a remedy to lift the burden of running residents like there was no tomorrow.

Thanks to his dominance, Real were bleeding the culé team based on corner kicks. In one of them, Busquets a referee's space grabbed Llorente's shirt and the referee eliminated the penalty by obligation. Impossible not to point. Oyarzabal converted the maximum penalty and Barça returned to a usual scenario in Anoeta. In the last seven visits, the Catalan team began to lose.

He tried to react to the club by trying to keep long goods that would wear out his rival and Suarez dismissed from afar as the first reaction symptom. But when the ball was from the Basque, which during the first half was the usual tonic, Barca still didn't know how to conjure Odegaard, who appeared as a tunnel drilling machine on Busquets's back. Luck for those in Valverde was that Piqué saved the water by correcting the mistakes of his teammates.

If the club was supported by its central, Real played its great staging for a mistake of Llorente. The center of the facilities misjudged an exit to the center of the field to anticipate Suárez and left open field to the Uruguayan who he allowed Griezmann to react in superiority to defeat Remiro. The Barça reached a draw that seemed glorious in the face of Imanol's tactical and physical superiority. Looking at the second part, it was to see if the Royal would maintain the physical tone and if Valverde found the gap plug created by Odegaard.

As soon as the second half began, Barça hit first. Again, thanks to Piqué, who won twice in anticipation in the center of the field to steal a ball that Busquets enabled for Messi, who gave the goal to Suarez. Based on whips, Valverde's team managed to turn the game around and Real wondered how he would be down on the scoreboard.

Stunned, Barça had a chance to finish the game in Griezmann's boots and Piqué's head. He did not and Real, who had no intention of giving up so far, managed to tie Ter Stegen's gift to Isak after Monreal's untiring rise during the game.

There was half an hour to decide a vibrant duel. Imanol put William Joseph at stake to take advantage of the doubts of an unknown Ter Stegen and had already given Januzaj a roll. Valverde, on the other hand, reserved the movements.

The draw left Barça very moved and Real entered the game without reservation. To remedy the decline, Aleñá e Semedo entered by Busquets and Alba in the first instance and then Vidal by Rakitic to play last minutes of vertigo, last scored in Piqué, at 91. The referee, this time, did not consider a penalty and left a great game.


Januzaj (58 & # 39 ;, Portu), Willian Jose (65 °, Isak), Aleña (72 & # 39 ;, Busquets), Nelson Semedo (73 & Alba), Vidal (78 & # 39; Rakitic), Ander Barrenetxea (84), Oyarzabal)


1-0, 11 & # 39 :: Oyarzabal, 1-1, 37:: Griezmann, 1-2, 48:: Luis Suarez, 2-2, 61:: Isak


Referee: Javier Alberola Rojas
VAR Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano
Luis Suarez (73 amarelo, yellow