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A scary sports car – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


A Coruña's team goes through the worst sequence in their history without winning: 18 days. Salvation begins to look like a utopia and the ghost of disappearance flies over Riazor. There are several factors and causes that led Deportivo to this situation. All levels of the club have their share of responsibility …

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The worst series in its history

Deportivo is a second-tier runner-up, the most battered of the category and is free-falling towards Segundo B. Before Zaragoza, he spent 18 days without a win, the worst sequence in his history. Add only 12 points in 19 days. Only a historical reaction, which now seems utopian, would lead him to reach the 50 theoretical points necessary to achieve permanence. At this time, A Coruña is already 8 points behind Malaga, the team that marks salvation. But not only the numbers play against A Coruña's hope, but also the sensations.

The descent and disappearance of the club

Deportivo's relegation to the Second Division represents one of the most difficult blows in club history and will be a catharsis for the club. Some voices say the reduction will mean the disappearance of the blue and white entity, as it would not generate enough income to take over the terms of its debt. However, this fatal outcome may still have a solution. This lifeline would go through a new capital increase and renegotiate the debt with Abanca, Deportivo's main creditor. These two operations would allow one of the nine champions of the Spanish League to disappear. This dual path is something you already know and which the current Board of Directors is already studying.

A model of the Second B in the Second

Everyone in the world who knows Carmel del pozo He says his strong point is that he is a tireless worker. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt it. But, as Professor and Professor Victor Kuppers put it, "There is nothing more dangerous than a useless motivator." This does not mean that Depor's sporting director is worthless, but Obviously, his ineptitude in setting up models capable of achieving his goals was demonstrated, at least in Deportivo. There are many decisions that can be criticized. Quique González, Edu Exposito, Caballo … But the clearest examples are the signatures of Long and Gaku, two of the players where the most money was spent. They have become two reactors as they do not even set the standard for this mediocre sport and their high chips lower the salary cap that the winter market faces. You can also talk about choosing coaches or game model. What does Natxo González have to do with Martí or Anquela with Luis César? What style of game do you want to implement in Deportivo? Anquela himself knew this when he joined the team or when he had been training for several weeks.

A debt of over 80 million

Deportivo is the poorest club in Spanish football. Not only does it own no equity, but it also has a debt of over eighty million euros. His renegotiation and an agreement with Abanca made it possible to face him in "comfortable" terms and to have the third and sixth budgets of the Second, but in a situation of total economic weakness. This debt is inherited from the Lendoiro stage. Although the former president tries to belittle him, backing the club's movements and meant, both last season and now, additional pressure to regain the First Division as soon as possible. Solving the problem of Tino Fernández's huge debt, when he took office, led Lendoiro's successor to concentrate most of his efforts on redirecting the club's economic problems and delegating the sports field tasks to two directors. of sports. They did not do that. First, Richard Barral and then Carmelo del Pozo.

Social division: tinists and reading men

Since Lendoiro's departure in January 2014 and the arrival of Tino Fernández, sportsmanship has been immersed in a social break. For one thing, they were the tinists and on the other the reading men. This & # 39; civil war & # 39; hurt Deportivo. The first to predict the disaster that Deportivo was experiencing was Deportivo's coach and, on Sunday, the hangman of his former team: Victor Fernández. In December 2014 and after losing to Malaga, the Zaragoza coach left a premonition that will find an answer to Depor's possible decline to the Second: "We're taking an absolutely unstoppable path of self-destruction. I see a polluted environment like I've never seen. What I'm living through the city and the team is out of control. I don't know where it will lead, but nothing positive." The coach pointed to the sportsmen who preferred to participate in that war. of factions above Deportivo's interest. The arrival of Paco Zas did not help social peace and only aggravated this division. His access to the presidency with the vote in favor of Tino Fernández and against the other two main candidates meant that a sports sector did not welcome him. Zas has shareholder support, but not mass support. Or what is the same, the actions grant him the presidency, but the Riazor level does not end up legitimizing him.

Lack of references

At the moment, sportsmanship does not find any weight reference within the club. The last big reference was former coach Fernando Vázquez, who many consider to be the only one able to save Depor. The Galician coach's departure in the summer of 2014 for criticizing some sports management decisions was a blow to fans and The division between reading and tinkerers intensified. At this point, the current board of directors scrambles his return to the entity in case of possible dismissal of Luis César.