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According to Özil's comments: The Chinese TV station cuts out the Arsenal broadcast – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Mesut Özil has apparently put the relationship between Arsenal and China to the test with critical comments on the Uighurs situation. The state television station CCTV canceled the Gunners & # 39; top match against Manchester City on Sunday. This is reported by the news agency AFP,

The Özil World Champion in Özil had earlier campaigned on social media for the oppressed Uyghur tribe and at the same time criticized the Muslim countries for their silence.

China is accused of persecuting and detaining the Muslim minority in Xinjiang Province. "Qurans are burned … mosques are closed … Muslim schools are banned … religious scholars are killed one by one … brothers are forced into camp …" Özil wrote in Turkish on his Twitter account.

Arsenal stay out of the discussion

Arsenal FC, which has many economic ties to China, distanced itself from the comments. "The published content is Özil's personal opinion," Gunners said of the Chinese short message service Weibo with. "As a football club, Arsenal have always followed the principle of not interfering with politics."

Human rights groups and experts report more than a million Uighurs and other Muslims interned in Chinese camps. After China long denied the existence of the camps, the communist country now declared that they were training centers for retraining and deradicalization.