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After Juve, Chelsea, PSG or Real Madrid – But what will Carlo Ancelotti do to Everton? – Premier League 2019-2020 – Football – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


PREMIER LEAGUE – It is official, Carlo Ancelotti will take over the fate of Everton. The Toffees, currently 16th in the Championship, are rubbing their hands to retrieve a manager of stature. But, as far as Italian is, the surprise is great. So how do you explain Carletto’s decision to move in with Liverpool’s historic rival?

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A long-term project with resources

It is also he that we must turn to to discuss the choice of Carlo Ancelotti. The Iranian-British businessman has never concealed his long-term desire to tickle the kingdom’s giants. Since 2016, he has repeatedly proclaimed his ambition and has never been reluctant to take out the checkbook to attract talent sometimes at the price (too much): almost 50 million euros for Sigurdsson, almost 40 for Richarlison or 30 for Alex Iwobi.

When the possibility of recovering Carlo Ancelotti was presented to him, Toffees’ strongman did not resist granting him most of his demands. The opportunity was too good for them. Above all, with Ancelotti, a strong argument is offered capable of leading to a virtuous circle in all areas.

Carlo Ancelotti

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For Italians, this responds to another desire. Among the giants, he had turned the question. And, according to the first indiscretions of the Italian press, Ancelotti wanted to have fun offering himself something else. It’s a project.

His four-and-a-half-year contract responds to this desire to move away from the tenor tumult to grow a team in the long run. You are guaranteed to be protected by your aura for a while, you are given minimal pressure to the short-term expectations of the fans (putting the team back in place) and above all a budget that should allow you to create a team in your image rather than for ada ptit, once more, to the number of stars already in place.

A professionalism that was lacking in Naples

The English league is full of stars. That’s what counts, too. Ancelotti has never hidden his strong preference for the English league rather than the League or Serie A. Because it has become an industry in its own right, the Premier League forbids amateurism. Thanks to their huge budgets, the clubs are equipped with high-level infrastructure and sometimes seem light years away from other championship teams further away.

For Ancelotti, he played an important role. His experience at Napoli vaccinated him from the excesses of Italian football. We must remember his dispossession in the work of the San Paolo, his departures against racism or his recent outrage at arbitration when he has never used this rope before, or rather little.

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Basically, Ancelotti is taking a risk. Taking charge of a new “top European club” would not have been one, as his experience and aura speak for him to the stars. But building a coherent project, almost from A to Z, with all the power, or almost, seems like something new to him.

He’s still in Carragher when the last word comes back. “Ronald Koeman was a senior coach, but he never knew how to get to the level of intensity demanded by this clubExplained the former Liverpool defender. This is my biggest fear for Ancelotti: he had such a professional career that, at his age (60 years, NDLR), he takes a job he hasn’t done for so long…“. Ancelotti in Everton, so it’s an enigma that we can’t wait to find out what the solution is.