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against the Royal Society in San Sebastian – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


against the Royal Society in San Sebastian - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

To Espanyol could be touched by a team of Second B, one of the Second or one of First in the draw for the 16th Copa del Rey held on Tuesday at the Las Rozas. And he got a first, and not just any one. Those from Abelardo will play the next copera-to-one-party playoff against the Real Sociedad and in the Reale Arena.

In the absence of official confirmation, it is likely that as the white boys play this Sunday in Vila-real and the next League match they play it on Saturday, against the Athletic Club, the playoff is set for Wednesday, January 22, although it could well be 21 or 23. This past Sunday, the Barcelona outfit eliminated the San Sebastian de los Reyes with a 0-2. Before he had done the same with the Lleida.

The Donostiarras have already won Espanyol this season and come from eliminating Becerril and Ceuta

For its part, the Real Sociedad is one of the best ensembles in the League this season. The game deployed by those Imanol Sheriff is attractive and effective. Hence, they are in direct classification positions for the Europa League. In Copa they first eliminated the Becerril 0-8 and then 0-8 Ceuta 0-4. Both teams have already faced each season in Liga. The Donostiarras defeated the team then led by David Gallego 1-3.

The priority in the blue-white club is salvation. They go last four points from salvation. And the load of matches, although since the dressing room they deny it, has weighed on the performance of the team, which on February 20 and 27 faces the Wolverhampton in sixteenth Europa Leagues, so you’ll have to see the Copa del Rey Abelardo face.

We’ll compete like the most, 100 percent”

The club’s transgaming.orgs spokesman, Joan CapdevilaHe said after the draw that “a priori is difficult” but that they have “a lot of enthusiasm” and that they will go to “compete like the most”, “100 percent”. However, in the line of Abelardo’s speech, he valued that “the important thing is day to day”, so they will try to “give a joy to the fondness” against the Villarreal and “then think about the Cup.”