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Aguirre: "I was shit …" – – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


It has been very complicated …

You are never calm. It was complicated because we relaxed. We neglected the details. We trust each other. You don't want to play anymore, you just want to play for a long time. You have to deal with it better. I keep reading with the good work of many minutes.

Leganés Coat of Arms / Flag

Will leaving the red lantern give morale?

We're still poor … but, hey, it doesn't end here. We should continue like this until May. Fight until the end. We continue to decline. But there are parties, weather, good behavior and attitude. We must continue to improve, no doubt. Two very important games await us at the end of the year. Although we offer goals, we need to score.

Does the dressing room have more faith?

It is true that we are in a positive line of work. It's a reinforcement: We do it to achieve that. Worthy defeats do not help me. I prefer to overcome the suffering than the other, lose deserving the opposite.

Oscar is the differential of Lega?

Yes, he has immense talent. When I arrived, I realized that he was from Madrid and Madrid is not wrong. It has tremendous quality. It is versatile, you can put it anywhere. He has a privileged physique. In Seville I took it off because I was tired. But it has a lot of wear. And if that gives you two goals … Real Madrid will take it from us …

Does fear weigh heavily?

I agree, yes … this and fear of success. You do not risk doing things. You need to ask the players to see what happened in the end, why this fear came up … It helps us not to repeat it when we get one more.

How are you? How did he live it?

I was screwed… One day, I got Atheltic 0-3 in San Mamés. He scored four goals … damn mom! I was screwed … you try to change that … but Celta played a good game with 10. We're two teams that play our lives. Congratulations. I was busy at work. You think of solutions, obviously … appeals to the pride of the players.

Victory with many casualties and another, Recio's.

I think it's fibrillar rupture. It's going to be low with Siovas … it's incidents … We have a vast and very similar squad. Silva is playing center and he did well. Kevin scored a great goal. Things happen for something, for sure.

The equipment is connected.

With much enthusiasm. They have talent because this is the First. I am very happy with my team. You watch them train, and they have to cut their legs to beat us. We are alive, this is the important thing.

Other goals for the ball were inlaid …

It bothers you a lot. Another goal with set pieces. They made us five goals and they all stopped. Messi knocked once on the door. In Seville, the same … I sing and we begin to pray. It bothered me a lot.

Is this mental?

We changed brand in the zone to brand for men. We train him every day. We have size. We are professionals Something is happening.

Is attitude necessary to leave?

Attitude is what requires a team that lasts last. Attitude we all have. Then there are other things: collective work, effort, conviction … we are convinced of what we are doing. It is the same line. It is what there is and how we should play.

Would winning make another leap?

Today we talk about Betis, who made pa, pa, pa … and up there is now. We want to grow gradually. Easy to say, but it must be said. Alavés has many casualties. In your field, life will be played. It will be a complicated game, which will be on Friday … we still have work … let's go with all the illusion of the world.

But it would help to remove the nerves …

No … it won't take you away until we come down and grow up. But we will go step by step. We have recovered players. We grow in confidence. This is not over yet. We remain the same. Let's continue a good time there.

Are you surprised that Celtic has fallen? How is your heart

They have good players. It's a team with a great coach. I told him that when he was in France I lived in Paris. I like. But LaLiga is very close. This makes you see that every week is a new challenge.