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Al Thani torpedo any reaction from Malaga – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Malaga struck a short run of three games without losing and added five points out of a possible nine that helped him out of relegation places. On the sports side, the team coached by Víctor Sánchez del Amo is taking their heads off the wind and the tide. But the same cannot be said of the institutional side that remains tainted by the painful administration of the terrible president / tweeter, Abdullah Al Thani.

The sheik has not yet moved the token or steps forward to try to find a solution to the block suffered by the entity. It remains on the fringes and in its parallel world as movements have occurred in the capital of Costa del Sol in recent days.. The three public institutions (City Hall, Diputación and Junta de Andalucía) held different meetings to promote the so-called 'third way', the entry of an undisclosed Qatari investor who would be willing to buy the percentage from BlueBay, the hotel company that obtained 49% of Al Thani's stake (96 & 8) in a court decision appealed on appeal civil by the sheikh. The resolution is in the hands of Section 4 of the Provincial Court of Malaga. While this is resolved, the club remains in complete uncertainty.

Shield / Flag Malaga

Ramón Calderón, the former president of Real Madrid, met with Richard Shaheen, the club's general manager, to transfer the interest of another Qatari business group to the club. "Shaheen told me that Al Thani doesn't want to sell." The Small Shareholders Association (APA) has filed a criminal complaint against the Al Thani family. Another open front that the Malaga team owner has. Concern is growing among Malaga fans because they do not see movements that imply that light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Richard Shahenn is an expert, Ramón Calderón explained in reforestation companies that are in a delicate state of health. The year is over, there is no news of the viability plan and the sheikh continues to subject the club to his tyranny and neglect. A management disaster.