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Alavés will present a budget proposal of 76 million euros – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Alavés shareholders can now collect documentation at the club's offices for the 26th teleconference at the Villa Suso Palace in Vitória. Even before the bridge was impossible and, separate leaks, it was yesterday on Monday that those involved could get the report without problems. There will be several items on the assembly's agenda.

In the first, last year's accounts will be approved. The surplus will be 3.7 million (2.5 more than projected). Revenue came primarily from the increase in television receipts and sales of Ibai and Nephew last winter market which accounted for 6.4 million euros together. A conflicting expense which will bring queue before, during and after assembly is the purchase of 50% of Bakh's share capital, sports city of Baskonia. This operation costs 5.7 million.

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Minority Shareholders consider that such transactions should be previously submitted for consultation or assembly, but were carried out in March. And the sports city of the Baskonia Group is an economic hole right now. The leaders guarantee that it is a strategic move, as it is not necessary to rule out that some football facilities will be built in the future, as Ibaia remained small and negotiations with the Betoño city council fell into broken bags.

The accounts for the current fiscal year will be put to the vote and will present a budget proposal with 76.1 million revenue. Last year they were 63.6. There you should consider the 15 million received from Monaco for the transfer of Guillermo Maripán. The operation took place at the end of the summer market and already calculates this season's budget. 66% of the revenue comes from television rights (50 million euros).

In terms of expenses, there are 41.4 million in sports and non-sports personnel. Total expenditure forecast is 74.6 Therefore, there is always an initial approach to earning about one and a half million in each accounting year. After some formal business, the assembly will end with the round of requests and questions. Normally, nearly 100 people come, but they are shareholders with little room for maneuver, as the Baskonia Group now controls 81% of the securities and is close to buying more, approximately 2% to own 83%.