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Almeria returns in three minutes of fantasy – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Almeria is still released. Before the Mirandes, he passed another fire test and managed to turn it into a match that, at 16 minutes, had almost lost: 0-1 and with one less man. It was very difficult for Mirandés, based in Almeria, showing many of the arguments that led him to conquer Albacete and Zaragoza a few weeks ago. In the absence of what Cadiz does this Sunday against Elche, José María Gutiérrez's are already in first place with four points.

Almeria Coat of Arms / Flag

Almeria comes out of her duel with Mirandés. And is that Iraola's team made a recital in the first part. The Basque coach devised a plan to dig behind Almeria's advanced defense and found endless spaces. José María Gutiérrez was sent off and the first act was to find the formula to subdue the visitors. Alvaro Rey took just 11 minutes to disarm the rojiblancos. His pass, measured, left only Marcos André, who got rid of Fernando with a lot of class and put the 0-1. Five minutes later, another ball behind the back of Almería's centers led to De la Hoz's red. Marcos André again arrived before the ball and Gutierrez defender took him ahead in front. The VAR did the work for the referee and the & # 39; 6 & # 39; from Almeria went to the locker room.

Shield / Flag of Mirandés

The Brazilian, in a state of grace, had placed more than half a game in Mirandés's backpack. But his team didn't kill the game when Almeria was on screen and eventually regretted it. The VAR could do it, but this time Areces Franco decided not to review Corpas's possession for Odei in the area and the possible penalty went to limbo. There, the pulse recovered the Almeria. Gutierrez pulled the table, sat Corpas, who paid the frustration for the change in the chair and gave Jonathan the entrance. A move that turned out to be decisive.

Vada gave a warning before the break, but the red and white storm broke out after the break. Gutierrez put Petrovic between the centrals and released Balliu and Jonathan on the wings. Saint's hand. In three minutes of madness and on the back of Jonathan El Almería, turned the game against Mirandés, very soft and shy. 37 seconds after the resumption, Jonathan, the absolute left-wing owner, appeared Juan Muñoz 1-1. Two minutes later Jonathan raged again on the left and play continued on the other side. Balliu focused and Darwin Núñez pushed the ball into the net that supposed the return and that completely dismantled the Mirandés.

Almeria turned the game upside down in a sigh and morally toppled Iraola's team. The rest of the game was a balm for the rojiblancos, who resisted without problems with one less man. With no spaces in the back of the local defenders, the match was very difficult for the visitors. And it was ended after Álvaro Peña's very difficult entry into Vada, which cost him the red. Ten against ten were sewing and singing for the rojiblancos. Lazo hunted a counter and he just placed the icing on the cake. His left foot was unstoppable to Lemons. This Almeria de Gutiérrez continues to take very firm steps. Victory is a lesson in character and commerce and a demonstration of its offensive power.


Kijera (32 & Carlos Julio Martinez), Jonathan (32 & José Corpas), Aguza (Juan Muñoz, 59 & # 39;), Matheus Aias (59 & # 39; Iigo Vicente Elorduy), Jose Romera (72 & # 39; Valentin Vada), Merquelanz (77,, Enric Franchise)


0-1,10 & # 39 ;: Marcos de Sousa, 1-1, 45:: Juan Muñoz, 2-1, 48:: Darwin Nunez, 3-1, 71 & # 39 ;: Jose Carlos


Referee: Victor Areces Franco
VAR Referee: José Antonio López Toca
Caesar De La Hoz (19 & # 39; red) Nikola Maras (26 amarelo, yellow) Enric Franchise (35 amarelo, yellow) Petrovic (46 Amarelo, Yellow) Aguza (63 Amarelo, Yellow) Álvaro Peña (67 & # 39; red) Alvaro Rey (81 amarelo, yellow) Balliu (83 Amarelo, Yellow) Hated (84 Amarelo, Yellow