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Amadeo Carboni: "Parejo suffered a lot and that's why he likes it so much" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


What does Carboni do today?

I live in Barcelona and work at Molcaworld, which enhances the image of stadiums. They call me clubs from Italy. I'm still a good reference in Spain and they ask me about players. But I'm not working all day, that life is just one.

You signed for Valencia with 32 years. Did you expect to end up being a reference?

Never They had 9 years of player, one of the best in the history of Valencia and twenty living in the city. How could I think it would be so much if I got kicked out twice in my first five games …

Why Valencia? I tell you, because in 1997 it was not Valencia that was after.

It was not easy. He was captain of Rome. Zola had told me that if I left Italy I would not return to the national team. He went to Chelsea and passed him. Me too. But leaving my country was a challenge. Valencia called me, they played Zubizarreta, Romario … I talked to Víctor Muñoz, whom I agreed with in Sampdoria. He told me very well about Mestalla, about the city. The alternative was the Blackburn Rovers. I looked where I was on the map and thought, "If I take my wife to a coal town, she will drive me out of the house." And look, I was right.

Shield / Flag Valencia

Nine seasons, 325 games, six titles …

Seven. I don't know why in Valencia they don't have Intertoto. Juventus includes this in its record. I won seven titles in Valencia and scored a goal.

What title do you keep?

I remember the day after the 1999 World Cup a lot. Valencia won nothing for a long time and seeing so many happy people on the streets is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. When you are 20 years old and playing soccer, what you like most is that the end of the month comes and thousands of euros are paid. When you are over 30, you enjoy more happy times. This cup had a lot of merit. We eliminated Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético in the final. This year's Valencia Cup title reminded me a lot of that.

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

In that cup they beat Real Madrid 6-0.

This match was impressive. Everything went well for us.

What memories do you have of the games against Real Madrid?

What happened in the locker room tunnel! That penalty Marchena was beaten for doing nothing to Raul … That day we told each other everything. Toshack, in another game, to bite us, called me and Angloma "old." We looked at each other and said yes, he was right and we laughed. They were the & # 39; galactic & # 39; and individually they were far superior. But we were very competitive, they were beautiful battles.

Any special matches?

I don't remember the final in Paris because I couldn't play. There is a night, a game, which I loved because of the atmosphere and the game. It was the debut of Zidane in Spain. We won 1-0 with Angulo's goal. What a team Madrid had and that year we won the league.

You saw them with Luis Figo.

More in Barcelona than in Real Madrid. My first yellow card in Spain was to give Figo a shot. It wasn't so much (laughs) Sacchi told me that when Figo played against Valencia, he preferred to go downtown. I saw them with Raul, Beckham, Ronaldo … what a great team. With as many duels as he had with Salgado, he kept coming and going.

How do you see Valencia?

He has taken the step of believing that they are good as a group and the shortcomings as a group are minor. A partner runs to you and you run to him. This is the current Valencia. It's a compromised wardrobe, which they now enjoy more because they suffered so much. You know how much Parejo, Rodrigo suffered …

Are you surprised by the team response with Celades?

In fact, I would think the opposite would happen. But the players found themselves without their backs covered and proved to be professionals.