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An Ibiza against clichés – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


An Ibiza against clichés - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Ibiza isn’t just a party.” Fernando Soriano (24-9-1979), transgaming.orgs director, walks out the door of the offices embedded in a Nike down of the club in the middle of a hotbed of people. 30 operators give the last touch-ups to the portable bleachers that have arrived by boat to Can Misses From Barcelona And Valencia while journalists from different media try to build the best possible epic account of this David vs. Goliath which is the Ibiza-Barca this afternoon. But the real story of Ibiza is another and it goes precisely against the topics. Amadeo Salvo, alma mater of the project, works for years to provide Ibiza with a professional structure that takes the club away from the common places that are associated with the island. Except he didn’t go to Ibiza by chance. He knows that it is an internationally powerful brand and that it can give him returns, but he does not want confusion. In football season, Ibiza is coming to enlarge the island with triumphs on the field, not to enjoy its temptations.

That’s where Fernando Soriano comes in. Sports director for a year, his obsession has been building a model. Advised by three ‘scouts’ working on the peninsula to get where the geographical limitations of the island do not, Ibiza sorts all the information through three tools: the well-known Wyscout, which controls all players; The Scout 7, which sorts that information; and, finally, an innovative own tool in the category, UD Ibiza 360 DM, which the club orders. All the workers, from the coach, Pablo Alfaro, even those responsible for the communication area, are obliged to dump in that system all the daily work they carry out. Everyone feels involved and everyone collaborates on the tool. The depth of the application allows you to extract keys about each footballer. His performance in training, in matches against opponents of more or less rank, his days of retirement, his appearances in the media, his participation, positive or negative, on social networks. An equation that allows you to know with some scientific rigor whether or not a player is profitable for a club. An improved ‘Moneyball’ that makes Ibiza, perhaps alongside cultural Leonesa the most professional club of the Second B.

Players don’t just have obligations and they should feel audited. Ibiza has also activated a structure that facilitates the life of the footballer on the island, the work of their partners and the school adaptation of their children. The composition of the template is also conscientious. The age of the players is compensated. Thus, the presence of 30-year-old players or excessively young footballers is limited. The result is the appearance of Ibiza in the promotion positions and the feeling that accessing professional football is no longer impossible. “Except he took Ibiza in the last category and now we can think that although the Second B is the most difficult category in football, because there are 80 teams and only four up, it is possible”. However, after so much computerization and breaking so many topics, Soriano gives the recipe for how they would get the promotion: “Party by party”.