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And Flatland responds to Lightning: "Your statement, a freak" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


And Flatland responds to Lightning: "Your statement, a freak"

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Rayo Vallecano and Flat Earth engaged in a cross-war following the postponement of the Third Division duel yesterday. The earthmoving team accused his rival's quarry manager of "incite violence"for not assuming that the game was not played. The club Vallecano, far from being left out, issued a harsh statement, accusing the entity of"no scruples" it's from have used the alleged gastroenteritis to their advantage not to contest the encounter.

After the first crossover of answers, Javi Poves, president of Terra Plana, posted an official statement on the club's Twitter account, which strongly denies the opposite version and counts yours. "I'm sorry, I can't be silent about the aberration of Rayo Vallecano's statement. I can't understand how a club with almost 100 years of history can show zero respect to the medical institutions that accredit our team's disease, "he begins to write.

Once the medical issue has been clarified, Poves explains what happened to Rayo's team: "I can't understand as a sporting director either (…) he ignites and creates a climate of tension sweeping his subordinates to be followed to intimidate three unique representatives of the opposing team. First of all It is totally false that I left the premises by the Municipal Police, I was not identified for that and much less reported. "

Unlike Rayo, who claimed that the police agency had mediated the conflict, Poves denies and explains how he lived it. "What is more than demonstrable is as more than 30 people aggressively surrounded my sister, delegate and club director, insulting her as I walked awayby repeating several times & # 39; you will ruin everything when children of … "he writes in contrast to the rival version.

Why did Flatland want to postpone the game?

Ray wanted to explain how the outbreak of gastroenteritis wasn't the first news about the postponement of the shock, but days before, Flatland formally asked him to change the date. The president of the terraplanist team explains that it was not just for his designated players for the Federation of Madrid. It states that One compelling reason is to "air" football players by claiming that they are "slaves" to a profession it does not allow them to live in it. Despite this, Poves tells how the team would play until the health problems that followed.

In addition, Poves wanted to clarify that this story is not about a person's possible animosity towards Rayo Vallecano, where he spent two years as a youth player. However, claim to feel "ashamed of who controls the club today from top to bottom"And confirms that your entity's position is not in dispute:" If they think that being a newly promoted third division club, let's bow our heads and accept the imperatives of what was once a great club, make it clear"