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Andorra, Land of Cucumber Opportunities: Fede, Kravets, Arná … – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Andorra, Land of Cucumber Opportunities: Fede, Kravets, Arná ...

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Leganés will play tomorrow against FC Andorra (21:00) in the first round of the new Copa del Rey. He will do so in the territory of the Principality against a rival who, despite being from Second B, has the economic potential of being sponsored by Gerard Piqué (its owner), as well as being one of the strongest groups in Group III. Nevertheless, cucumber emergencies are different and focus on LaLiga. It will be time for the blues and whites, with less minutes, to have the opportunity to play the championship.
Two of them may even debut this season in official competitions. Fede Varela and Vasyl Kravets haven't yet had a chance to play a single minute. The first, in fact, was not even summoned, which increased the perception that it could leave in January. In recent days, alleged interest from Second Division teams has filtered through this Argentinian midfielder Leganés signed with Porto last summer.

In Butarque, they insist, they know nothing about these offers and add that their output will depend on the evolution of the market and the opinion of Aguirre himself. With everything and that, his departure would not be exaggerated. In the summer, even a goodbye was shuffled that finally did not occur. Physical problems and high competition in his position (Recio, Oscar, Roque Mesa, Eraso …) prevented him from being on a list.
The cases of Kravets or Arnáiz
Something similar happened with Vasyl Kravets. In the summer, the Leganes tried to get out and even offered to several teams. One of them, Rayo Vallecano, on the last day of the market. The rayistas, however, incorporated Saul, whom Lega also intended. Finally, the Ukrainian had to remain on the team, but not to mention a pelegrino who gave him no chance to attend a call. Aguirre did this in his first game at the bank cucumber (Donosti, against Real), but more for side fouls (Silva was sanctioned) than for his merits. Since then, he does not travel with the team again. It is another candidate to leave the team in the winter market.
With them, men with a few minutes could play Andorra, but with totally different profiles. For example, José Arnáiz, a footballer in charge of revolutionizing the Leganés games at the beginning of the course, but after these first attacks neither Pellegrino nor Cembranos nor Aguirre continued. The Basque also used him in his debut against Real (he played at home), but since then he has barely given him opportunities.
Sabin and Guido, pending attack
Sabin Merino could be from the game. Last Friday, he was summoned to play against Alavés. His presence on the lists was almost nil despite the fact that he is the four-goal preseason pickle pichichi. Carillo, absent from Vitoria due to muscle fatigue, could accompany him at the time of the attack. This is not an excellent season for Argentina, which has already been associated with Mexican and Argentine football offers. Pellegrino's fondness for him does not rule out calling him back to his next destination, perhaps in the Argentine league, where Flaco could return in January.
Players Eraso, Tarín, Rivera or Avilés, Iván or Grandi can also have minutes on this match for which Leganés will travel the day (AVE to Lleida and then bus), spend the night in Andorra and return the next morning. . The team will train in the afternoon at Butarque ID to prepare for Sunday's duel against Espanyol. True end to the cucumber's main goal: permanence.