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André Villas-Boas: “Everyone has changed their mind” – FRENCH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Find the coaches’ statements after Ligue 19th Conforama on Saturday night.

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Dijon FCO

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 FC Metz

: 2 – 2

Stéphane Jobard (DFCO coach): “This is a legitimate disappointment. We took 2-1 to 11 to 10, and we joined in overtime, when we were closer to 3-1 than 2-2. We had done the hardest part, going back to 1-1 and then taking the lead. We started going back to the end when I’ve experienced players to avoid that. Tonight, it is a feeling of bitterness that prevails. »

Vincent Hognon (FCM coach) “This result is not illogical. I think we had a good first half, but we’re still leading. Players showed abnitud, values, numerical inferiority, to return to the score. That’s obviously a good point for us, even if 17 points on the break is not enough. We’re two or three wins short. To exist in the second part of the season, you’ll have to make fewer mistakes. »

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Stade Rennais FC

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Girondins de Bordeaux

: 1 – 0

Julien Stéphan (SRFC coach):
“We don’t steal our 33 points in 18 days, even though it’s quite exceptional for us, like all of 2019. That’s seven wins from the last eight games. Reference points are created, it is the result of a number of things. This team of Bordeaux was dangerous, and you can enjoy it because these are rare moments. We manage to take the ball away from them and manage to create free throws, five or six of the whole match, without awarding a goal. The participants were decisive, either Flavien (Tait) or Romain (Del Castillo), because they brought us everything we needed at the time, with a positive mindset. This team is progressing, evolving in performance. Everyone works, defends, replaces himself. I don’t look at the rankings, especially I look at the number of points. You have to be consistent to be able to exist and stay in the right part of the image. Beating Olympique de Marseille (early January) will be very difficult. And Olympique Lyonnais will surely have a very different team in the second half of the season.”

Paulo Sousa (FCGB coach): “He missed the goals. It was a very balanced game, my team worked well and understood the strategy, with a very high block, against a team rennes more advanced than us in its development. We took our chances, even though it created some problems, and we still have some clear opportunities in the final minutes. It shows us the path we must continue to take, being more aggressive in duels, to overcome our limits and overcome opponents like the one we met today. This team has gained some stability, we just need a few more individuals to get over the line. We will remain united despite the defeats, in this whole phase we deserve to have three more points, and we are very clear about our near future, after all that has happened lately. The goal remains the same as at the beginning of the season: to stay at the top of the leaderboard.”

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Reims Stadium

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Olympique Lyonnais

: 1 – 1

David Guion (SDR Coach) “I find the division of points fair. The Lyons got off to a very good start and it makes sense for them to lead to the score. We ended up stronger and they rewarded us. In the second half, we have very interesting situations, but I do not forget that in a stroke of fate, if (Predrag) Rajkovic does not leave the penalty (of Moussa Dembélé), we can lose, when we were not in trouble. We could have won but we also lost, so the draw makes sense. We are very happy to have 28 points, with a match behind, at halftime. This season, we wanted continuity and consistency, we’re on it. I am very proud of my players who are growing, progressing and continuing to advance. »

Rudi García (OL coach) “We gave Reims a point and lost two when we did everything we could to win. We started the game very well, but then we stopped playing when we led 1-0. We had an unfavorable episode with the Reims equalizer, but we took control of the game in the second half, which allowed us to have situations to win, unfortunately we didn’t know how to do it. It’s time for 2019 to stop because players need to rest. We stayed in the race in all competitions, we are certainly far from the podium in Ligue 1 Conforama but with 19 matches remaining, we will try to take the maximum points to get closer to our objectives. The market? I have a band that can be the same on February 1. We have four players who have had surgery, two strikers (Memphis Depay and Jeff Reine-Adelaide) and two sides (Léo Dubois and Youssouf Koné), so we are looking for players who add value. »

Paris Saint-Germain logo Paris Saint-Germain

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Amiens SC

: 4 – 1

Thomas Tuchel (PSG coach) “We want all our fans to be happy when they come to the Parc des Princes. I hope you continue to put pressure on the team to do extraordinary things. Neymar and Mbappé? They’re big together, they’ve gained confidence and physical ability. They give a lot of intensity with the ball, while they are complicit in the field. We want to keep it that way. Neymar defended, closed the spaces, it’s really extraordinary. He pushes Kylian and Kylian pushes Ney. We play as a team. Now the challenge is to maintain that mindset. The market? I hope there’s nothing. Leonardo said he’d talk to you about all these things, that’s good for me. »

Luka Elsner (CSA coach) “I’m divided. On the one hand, we show character after that goal. I found a team that had a sponsor. We put a little intensity with the support of our supporters. On the other hand, there is also disappointment. In some stolen balls, one by one along the contact line and central situations, we could have done better. This is not a negative point, but it is not enough for us. In the current circumstances we will also necessarily see the bright side, we have regained some stability tonight. Trust is rebuilt brick by brick, we just put the first one.”

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 OGC Nice

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Toulouse FC

: 3 – 0

Patrick Vieira (OGCN coach)
“We create opportunities and we don’t score. There have been some interesting things as they have been in the previous two games. Our first period was good. And we showed a good mentality. Our first phase is mixed, insufficient, irregular. However, the ratings remain very tight. Players have a very positive mindset. But many may be worried. Some, who have played the first stage, will probably play less if they are not more positive.”

Antoine Kombouaré (Toulouse trainer): “The team has not surrendered, but they are in great difficulty, fever, unable to defend their goal. The only satisfaction is that we don’t get a goal in the second half. But we can’t exist with our first 45 minutes. If the rules had allowed me, I would have changed all 11 players. A feeling of helplessness? No, I’m angry, I have the balls and a feeling of shame because we keep sinking. Resignation is for the weak. I’ll be there on December 29 for the resumption. We’re aiming for 18th place. We believe in it, we’re still alive. Our adversaries are within range. You have the right to doubt it, but we are in the spirit, even if the margin is narrow. We work in the market in the spirit of bringing new blood, energy. Already a stronghold with more leadership would be good.”

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 FC Nantes

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Angers SCO

: 1 – 2

Christian Gourcuff (FCN coach) “I think tonight’s game shows the focus we have to work on. There are too many inadequacies to control a meeting. Under pressure, there were many limitations in holding the ball. However, there was goodwill, but it lacks control and as defensively we were not very well … Sometimes there are ball losses that put us in uncomfortable situations. We admit a lot of limit situations in the second half. The draw met me. If I didn’t make any changes, it’s because I don’t think there’s anything to do with it… ».

Stéphane Moulin (SCO trainer): “It’s been 52 years since SCO won here at Ligue 1 Conforama. So it’s a gift we give to our fans for Christmas. I think it’s totally deserved. You’ve seen that as soon as you get a few players offensively, you can make replacements that are going to be decisive. At the beginning of the second period, we felt that it could not be left. The victory at the end of the match shows that the group has character, it is one of the strengths of my players. The pitch wasn’t easy to play tonight. But we never gave up and managed to find the resources to win. Tonight I’m a proud coach of your team.”

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Montpellier Herault SC

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Stade Brestois 29

: 4 – 0

Michel Der Zakarian (MHSC coach)
“It’s good to win 4-0. We’ve been very effective. We made it happen every time we managed to combine well and play fair. We hurt them. Brest had the ball, situations, but Geronimo (Rulli) only had two saves to make. It is good that Gaetan Laborde ended the year with a double and he’ll get a big game. It met my expectations. We defended well in general and controlled the game pretty well. We may go to four (in defense) because I have a lot of people at the heart of the game. We have a very interesting first half of the season at home, with seven wins, one draw and two losses. But we dropped too many points on the outside. If we had put so many qualities on the outside as at home, we could have won a few more games. »

Olivier Dall’Oglio (Trainer SB29) “A lot was lost to avoid a logical defeat. We came across a Team from Montpellier who was stronger and more mature than us. We help her well. We made a lot of mistakes. We have to go after ourselves, I’m the first to face certain options. Montpellier was more conqueror, more warrior, stronger in duel. There was a pretty obvious difference between the two teams in terms of power and strength. On the outside, we have a problem of character and solidity. We’ll have to fix it quickly because we went out three times in January. We suffer a lot of things, we are not actors enough and we are not present enough. We have to fix this. This is the observation of the first part of the championship.”

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 AS Monaco

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Losc

: 5 – 1

Leonardo Jardim (ASM coach) “The team did not hear the noises. He didn’t let the coach go. We had a really good game, an intense game. Lille attacked, unlike Angers. Visually, the game was good. What if I’m at the 2020 bank? I do not know. I haven’t spoken to anyone. But I don’t know why there’s all this noise. After the game, I greeted Oleg (Petrov). Nothing else. Good morning and congratulations. There’s no time for the rest. The weather surprises me a little bit. Many try to distort the truth. Some supporters haven’t been happy since I got back. That’s never changed. They’re always the same. I’m not going to get stressed about my future. I love my job, my job. We just won 5-1. We’re on a good average. My relationship with Oleg Petrov? With me, it’s easy to talk. I’m direct. We’ve had two points in five games. If we’d got seven or eight points, we’d be second in the league. We’re going to work to get back. Now it’s family, friends and forget about football. »

Christophe Galtier (Coach of Los Angeles) : « The team was not recognized. That’s the point. But we got off to a good start. So, did we think it was going to be easy? Too many mistakes and a lack of defensive aggression. They were open doors, no defensive balance. We can lose in Monaco, that’s for sure. I also know that on Tuesday (in the BKT League Cup where Lille beat Monaco 3-0), it was not Monaco himself. There were big marking errors, air duels, not even played. This defeat can tarnish a first part of the season that I find satisfying, with 31 points. It’s even a big stain. Physical or mental fatigue? You can’t let go so easily compared to the opponent, especially when you have your ambitions. The physical failures of Yazici and Ikoné? For Yusuf, it’s the knee. There was a twist. It’s never good. Let’s run some tests. For Jonathan, it’s a big blow.”

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Marseille Olympic

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 Nimes Olympique

: 3 – 1

André Villas-Boas (OM coach)
“It was very important to win, everyone was nervous, so we had to contain our impatience. Obviously the goal gives us a great boost of confidence, it put more calm in our game, so we knew we would win the game. We took a small margin with our pursuers, but Rennes (20th day, on the resumption) will be a very important game. We have very difficult matches in the second half of the season, traveling to Rennes, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, Lyon, Lille… It’ll depend on those games. My mid-season balance? I think the change was individual because the quality is there. Everyone has changed their mindset, which is what allows us to be second, because the team is almost the same as the one who played in the Europa League final (2018), and that finished fifth last year. Now the truce is coming, and that’s good, we can get some rest. »

Bernard Blaquart (Nimes coach): “We produced some good phases of play, it was still not enough. That first goal at the beginning of the second half hurt us. After enjoying a little more, we are more dangerous, but against it was very, very fast … This group hasn’t given up, he still wants to fight. Another season begins, we get four times out of five on the resumption, with a good recruitment, we can start something positive. The impulse can be created, with or without me, does not belong to me. What I want is for Nimes to stay in Ligue 1 Conforama, and the club can afford it.”

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 RC Strasbourg Alsace

André Villas-Boas: "Everyone has changed their mind" - FRENCH FOOTBALL 1 AS Saint-Etienne

: 2 – 1

Thierry Laurey (RCSA coach)
“Yesterday I said that 24 points is not so bad, to be 27 is even better. I don’t remember, especially I remember the team’s ability to react. We question our concerns after the defeat at Brest. Everyone was moved by this defeat. Test the mental strength of this team. We made mistakes, but we always fight for each other. The players have always been supportive. (…) We leave a lot of strength at the beginning of the season and inevitably pay for it at some point. (…) Against Saint-Etienne, we did our best to close at 2-0, but we just admitted a situation that was poorly negotiated. If there’s one thing that disappointed me, it’s just that. There was no fire in the lake. When we were at 2-1, we put pressure on ourselves and gave oxygen to the opponent. That’s what made us this last quarter of an hour a little messy. It’s a shame because we had the ability to handle this end of the game well. The market? I don’t talk about it, I have a team that suits me, I don’t want to talk about mercato tonight. But we are lucid, even though we have won four games in a row, we know we have things to improve.”

Claude Puel (ASSE coach): “I am very disappointed by my players for what they did in this match on a difficult field. We had a big game in intensity, we tried to play, we made delays in the first half. We were missing percussion in front and details in the last movement. It’s a shame because overall we had a good half. There’s always something missing, we don’t have enough professional players to act in the sequences in front of the goal. The approach is interesting, in general we have built quality actions. We missed the upper stage of the rocket. We don’t have room to make a market. I’d like to get all my players back as soon as possible so that I have all our strength. We deserved the parity score tonight.”

PSG autumn champion, Rennes on the podium