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Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold in Liverpool: Sexier than Gary Neville – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold in Liverpool: Sexier than Gary Neville - ENGLISH FOOTBALL 1

Liverpool FC have been rushing from victory to victory for months and both outside defenders Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold have played a big role in this area. You’re making a dusty position sexy.

Andrew Robertson( 25) and Trent Alexander-Arnold, 21, were separated four and a half years apart, but they both grew up at the same time. At the time when Manchester United won one Premier League title after another with defender Gary Neville, among others, and as a youth player he was all about not becoming an outside defender.

“There was the famous saying of the time: “Nobody wants to be like Gary Neville,”” Alexander-Arnold said of his youth the other day. In hindsight, it must be said that he missed it, but he nevertheless became like Gary Neville. An outside defender. And now that he has become like Gary Neville, he and his colleague Robertson, suffering, at least want to make sure that this circumstance is no longer considered reprehensible in the future.

“Together, we both want to change the perception of this position so far,” says Alexander-Arnold. “That’s what we’ve been doing for the last 18 months.” Robertson and Alexander-Arnold have been undisputed regulars at Liverpool since the summer of 2018. Robertson had come from Premier League relegation club Hull City for nine million euros a year earlier, while Alexander-Arnold had been promoted from the club’s youth to the pros two years earlier.

They have already made the history of the Premier League

Since then, both have developed into the best duo of outside defenders in the world – and since then Liverpool have been rushing to successful successes: Champions League titles, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup and in the premier League solo at the top of the table and unbeaten for more than a year. The two external defenders are not secondary players, but key players in this development.

Last season, Robertson and Alexander-Arnold formed the first outfield duo of a club in Premier League history, with both providing more than 10 assists. Robertson 11, Alexander Arnold 12.

After 21 games this season, all indications are that they will repeat this performance. Robertson is six, Alexander-Arnold has eight assists. In December, Second was even named Player of the Month. Both are making a dusty position sexy – with equally active but different ways of playing.

Andrew Robertson plays his role in

Left defender Robertson plays his somewhat more traditional lythan role to Alexander-Arnold. He is more agile, more athletic and dribbles harder than his counterpart, likes to hold the line, rushes back and forth and hits precise flanks. Flat and semi-high and high. “I’m still trying to bridge the gap between the goalkeeper and the defenders,” he said recently. 90min.

When Robertson talks about flanks, he speaks with a gleam in his eyes. Asked about his favourite flank, he told one against Tottenham Hotspur last March. “When she left my foot, I knew she was going to be sweet,” he said. And she became sweet. Roberto Firmino had no problems in the middle to direct the ball.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a playmaker in disguise

Alexander-Arnold is arguably the slightly better, most creative footballer who makes him at least a cape in the absence of a suitable playmaker in coach Jurgen Klopp’s 4-3-3 system. Again and again, he moves a little in the center, plays two passes and puts the attackers in front of goal. Only Manchester City midfielders Kevin De Bruyne (76) and Emiliano Buendia of Norwich (64) have created more chances than Alexander-Arnold (60) this season in the Premier League.

In Gary Neville’s day, this would have been unthinkable, as a well-known striker of that time, Peter Crouch, recently recounted. He played for Liverpool from 2005 to 2008 and the defenders had other responsibilities at the time. “I remember our outside defenders always having to hold in the middle of Steven Gerrard or Xabi Alonso, who then hit the ball diagonally forward,” Crouch said of the forwards. Bbc“Trent does it himself today, just as Gerrard or Alonso did once.”

Attend the competition between Robertson and Alexander-Arnold

However, the active playing style of the two outside defenders does not come at the expense of a safe defence. Liverpool have conceded only 14 Premier League goals so far this season, by far the least of any club. If Robertson rushes forward or pushes Alexander-Arnold in the middle, one of the three midfielders moves outwards and makes sure. But even in the actual defensive game, both are well versed. Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are the two Liverpool players who have recorded the most ball wins so far this season.

His favorite category is assists. “We have a competition that generates more aid,” Robertson said. It pushes us.” And on Twitter, the two comment edit their competition live. When Robertson recorded his fourth pass in November, surpassing Alexander-Arnold, he posted a smiling video of himself. “We’re going to keep talking in May,” said Alexander-Arnold, who provided five assists over the next two months and again overtook Robertson.