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Ángel Bastos: "Malaga is as it is, but it is Malaga." – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Extremadura's workforce remains anchored in the discourse that the work done since the beginning of the season is not in line with the results obtained. Carlos Belmonte's goal served to restore the confidence of a team that will seek Sunday against Malaga to score again in their feud, something that didn't happen in the last post before Las Palmas.

Today Ángel Bastos spoke to the media, protagonist in the last two lineups of Mosquera after being demoted to the bench after the arrival of Diego Caballo. "I had a bit of intrigue to know how I would find myself after several weeks without playing, but I was fine, especially in the second game. In professional team models, you always have to be prepared."

Shield / Flag Extremadura UD

About the teams, he points out that "we have worked well since the beginning of the season and, for whatever reason, it escapes us, we have no victories to come." With the games we are playing, we deserve other results, "says the Barça player.

He also wanted to refer to his rival, a Malaga who "is in the situation he is, but it is Malaga. A team full of good players looking to find their way last season. At home I have never played against them, but in La Rosaleda yes, and never
I've lost".

Alex López leaves the crutches.

Who continues to progress in the injury is Alex Lopez. The attacker designated by Mallorca to Almendralejo, appeared today in training without the crutches that accompanied him since he injured his meniscus last October. The player is optimistic about his recovery and if nothing goes wrong he could be back in charge of Manuel Mosquera in mid-January.