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Antoniano defeats Betis subsidiary before World Cup dream – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Lebrija was a party a few days ago when he celebrated that his team, Antoniano, got a seat for the next round of the Copa del Rey. He would play at a Primera club and many dreamed of Betis or Sevilla. Fate wished today that the pairing was faced with a verdiblanco set against which it was measured precisely today, though it is in the form of a subsidiary. Lebrija's winners 1-2 by Betis Deportivo in the sporting city of Verdiblanca and have already warned them when this option was shuffled in the locker room: "If we play with Betis, we must win both." The adventure began today with this confrontation against the Third Division subsidiary.

The smile is installed in an Antoniano who dreams of this date after the draw held today. It will be in December, when you can open the doors of the Municipal of Lebrija, as it seems that the club will not take the accident to another stage, despite the limitations of its usual facilities. Its capacity is about 3,500 spectators and no one doubts the party that may involve the visit of the team Betic Cup and a single game. If Lebrija already vibrated with a color show a few days ago after winning against Atletico Porcuna, the expectation is high for the appointment in mid-December.

Shield / Flag Betis

For Betis, there are also signs of optimism when facing an unexpected World Cup derby. The team now coached by Rubi will not have to leave the province and will also have many fans present in the Sevillian city, which has had many benign banks for many years. Francisco José Cordero Rubio's team experienced the climb to the Third last year and already makes history by setting foot in this draw. The feat will have an even more special color with Betis as a rival for continuing this World Cup dream. It will also be a moment of meetings, like that of striker Pepelu, who will again measure up with Betis after debuting with the first Verdiblanco team under orders. Pepe Mel does several campaigns.