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Antoniano's President: "I wanted Athletic for its way of understanding the sport" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Juan Antonio Redondo, President of BecerrilHe appreciated with great satisfaction the pairing of CD Becerril, a team from the municipality of Becerril de Campos Palencia that will be measured by the Royal Society:

Pairing: For us, a small town in Palencia, being here is already a prize. And that a team touches us with the trajectory that Real Sociedad also has. It is the cherry.

Coat of Arms / Flag R. Sociedade

Illusion: We are impressed. We are dry, but we know how to receive people. They will feel welcome. The city has been partying for a month. This will be the final auction. It will be great to play against a First Division team. People are excited. The illusion of being first in the category is much more thanks to the World Cup.

Players: Everyone was watching at a village bar celebrating that we had the Royal Society. We prefer Atletico or Valladolid.

Field. We will not play in Becerril for safety. Let's move 14 kilometers from our city. I hope to fill it.

Oyarzabal: The second coach told him that we will not kick him. Let's play fair.

Long distance fans celebrated in the game against Eldense

Athletic Coat of Arms / Flag

The San Intercity Hobby John, a club that plays in the Third Division and is only two and a half years old of life, celebrated the historical pairing in the stands at the Copa del Rey before Athletic Club from Bilbao.

At the time of the draw, held in Madrid, the team, second classified in group VI of the third beat Deportivo 2-0 Eldense and the stands began a celebration similar to a goal when he became aware, through social networks. pairing before the historic Basque club.

Athletic Club was one of the favorite teams for costumes and the Alicante team hobby, which for the first time will contest this tournament in a single match eliminator and his field against a rival of First. The San Juan Sports Center, home to the games of Intercity experienced a great sports environment this morning, since besides The party held an athletics test for different categories.

During the meetingIn addition, several operators were checking and repair the light towers of the football stadium, one of the main disadvantages that has the ease of hosting a World Cup match the significance of what will be measured at Athletic Club. Intercity, whose field is synthetic grass, already had add extra stands to reach a capacity of 2,000 spectators in the previous preliminary draw played before the Great Tarajal from Fuerteventura.

Alicante club bought Plaza del Novelda in the Third Division and aims to be the first in Spain to be publicly traded and To this end, he initiated procedures to bring the club to market. Alternative Stock Exchange or Alternext or Euronext.

Alamo did the same after beating Parla

Alamo celebrated their games against Mallorca in the first round of the Copa del Rey with a win fundamental at home before Parla. Alamo has qualified for the k.o tournament. for the first time in its history to beat Pedroñera 2-1.

Majorca Shield / Flag

David Orgaz, club president of Madrid, told Onda Madrid in Los Prados camp, where the match against Parla continued, which the Balearic team "is an important team" although "anyone" who played It would have been. "Well, nothing. Go after them, as they say. We logically We know we are the weak team. Let's not give anything, let's go out for everything"said the leader.

Antoniano President: "I wanted to Athletic, for his way of understanding the sport and taking care of the quarry "

Derbi vs Betis: "We are very happy. I wanted Athletic for their way of understanding the sport and taking care of the quarry. But the rest of the council and the city wanted against Betis or Sevilla. Lebrija is revolutionized."

Lebrija goes with Betis or Sevilla. "I wouldn't know what to say. There are a lot of Betics and Sevillans. I wouldn't know how to quantify. This party also goes to a lot of Sevilla, because they are also from Antoniano."

Players "They are focused on watching. They are very happy. I haven't talked to them yet. I have over a hundred WhatsApp and many calls. It's the first time a team in Lebrija has officially faced a first team. The city is as if we had touched the fat. in advance ".

Message to Joaquin: "I'm Betic, but this is the first time I want to lose Betis. I have the pain of having to eliminate Betis because I was born and I'm a Betis shareholder. Let's take this moment and it's a unique opportunity."

Copa del Rey will allow the return to Castalia de Petal Mel

Castellón and Las Palmas will be measured at first round of the Copa del Rey in a meeting where he will return for Castalia Pepe Honeywhich left its mark on the scoreboard in two
35 goal campaigns and currently leads the Canary Islands team on Monday Division

The coach Oscar Cano noted that "It will be a very attractive game and, as a show, we hope the best for all who can come to see us" Cano stressed that Las Palmas "is a historic club fighting to return to the elite" and that "I am very excited to be able to host a team of good standing players in Castalia and trying to be protagonists of possession of the ball ".