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Antoñín has only 45 years of renewal for three years – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Antoñín is just 45 minutes renewal for three years With scent With three goals, he is the team's second scorer after Sadiku. He also negotiates a professional contract. It is infrequent to start talking about Malaga giving good news. Well, the hangover of his match against Tenerife left three positive notes. Namely: the team won and left, Abdullah Al Thani hasn't tweeted (at least for now) and Antoñín is just 45 minutes from renewing his contract with Malaga for three seasons.

Shield / Flag Malaga

We stop at this last section. The canteran, who made another good game against the island, played his thirteenth game with the first team. There is a sealed commitment under which the above contractual extension will be performed if you play at least 45 minutes in 10 games. This condition was met in nine. The player can seal this pact against Extremadura next Sunday in Almendralejo.

Already accumulates 866 minutes. Regardless of this reality, the player negotiates with the club a professional contract that, if an agreement is reached, would greatly relieve Victor. Malaga has 17 professional chips this season and has already used ten affiliated soccer players. If that happened, Antoñín would be the pro and change his already popular number & # 39; 38 & # 39; for a more professional. With three goals, he is the second director of the team tied with Adrian and after Armando Sadiku, who adds six.

Open negotiation with Hicham and Luis Muñoz

Recall the words of Manolo Gaspar, the team's sports director, a few weeks ago at the SER Chain of Malaga, in which he confirmed this reality: "It automatically renews for three seasons, when it plays ten games for a minimum of 45 minutes, that if nothing happens, it will be fulfilled soon.

He is feeling comfortable, he is being constant daily. You will have nothing that has not been earned, is a good example for the rest of the young. Antoñín is not the only canteran for whom Manolo Gaspar is using energy to tie his renewal. Talks are also open to extend the reforms of Moroccan Hicham and Luis Muñoz under the best possible conditions. Negotiation with Hugo Vallejo is entrenched. Manolo also works to incorporate a striker into the winter market.