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Antonio Monterrubio: "When we arrived we had to defeat 72 players" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Granada travels in the coach of the humble first teams at the economic level. What position do you see the club in the medium term?

In the medium term, if we can stabilize the project in Primera, we will scale. Of course, three lower bound clubs will come in and we will grow a little. We will adapt the sports project to this economic growth. The club is preparing in all areas to provide maximum resources, and internally, we have also done a lot of budget restructuring to put most of the resources on the green on the sporting issue, which I previously thought was not to what extent must be. We work in this line.

When it comes to transfer policy, they always try to include a call option in their assignments. This happened with Fede Vico, which they purchased at a very good price.

Yes, within the strategic lines of the sports model is one of them. He has two strategic goals, one to keep the team first and the second is asset generation. We are very conscious of generating assets because this is the future of the club. When we arrived, we found a club where we had to receive 72 players in all categories whose economic rights did not belong to the club. We didn't start from scratch, but from minus 72. Economic rights were not in the club, in other clubs or in the former owner's investment funds and we thought we had to work for our club, that we need to generate assets, not Only in the first team, but also in Recreativo, in youth, in soccer … we are in this line. We always try to have buy options, but it is not always possible. We made good signings this summer and thanks to that and a lot of work we have 24 points.

And keeping the skeleton of last year.

It was the second part. We comment that when we did not rise two years ago, we decided to keep that group and then the upheaval was to continue to trust the group that brought us. We had eleven times when there were eleven players who took us to Primera. It is a pride that these players are the core. To them we add other important pieces.

Making a review of the workforce, one of the most prominent is Rui Silva, who Portugal has already taken a look.

It was a strong bet. Maybe risky for many people. But we were clear. In the Second Division year, we wanted him to be our goalkeeper. We have two very high level goalkeepers. Of course Aaron plays less. Rui has a lot of growth, it takes two big seasons and we hope Portugal will call you soon.

The one who already called was Domingos Duarte.

It is one of the hires and has already been with Portugal. We are very happy with him. Her adaptation was very fast and is one more in the family.

Have bids arrived for some of these players?

Direct offers are not there. There are rumors. We are not a sales club. We are interested in consolidating First and we need all our troops, which is not many because the team is scarce. But they are very good.

How is the soldier?

It was perfectly coupled. It brings a lot, not only on the field, but also outside. We are very happy with him, he is the fourth captain who has arrived this season and that means a lot of his involvement and commitment. We are very happy with him.

This shows their involvement in the anger that grasps when they change.

It is normal, competitive and transmits to peers. The bad thing would be not to be angry and not to be upset. He is extraordinary and just needs a bit of luck to score more goals. It is a very important contribution to the club on and off the pitch.

Adrian Ramos ends contract this month..

Your contract expires on December 31st and we are waiting for different meetings to take a look at the situation and talk to you. The market is not open yet and there is time to make decisions. Our intention is because it continues, but logically we have to analyze the whole situation and talk to him as well.

How is the Rochina case? Rubin Kazan still owes money on this 10 million euro transfer.

The last TAD resolution proved that we were right again. We have full resolutions and look forward to the fulfillment of Rubin Kazan. They partially met and are now missing amounts to be paid in new installments. We hope they do it and we don't have to go to sports.

Another complicated case is that of "Tin" Angulo (Grenada hired him from Ecuador's Independiente del Valle, but was suspended by FIFA until 2020 for positive cocaine. Ecuadorians claim the transfer).

There we do not do so well in court. We have had a failure for months when we are partly right, but not entirely. We are waiting to end this and we will probably come to an agreement.

Will they have to pay the four million in which the transfer was initially defined?

Not much less. Fortunately, the amounts are very low. We do not think that in more than one million euros can be the joke, in quotes, because it is no joke.

He said before that Granada is not a sales team. It is understood that who loves one of their players will have to go to the cashier.

This is it. We want to keep this group. What is called a "hard core", we will try to keep it as long as possible. As long as they want, we want them to continue as long as possible.

How far do you see the problems of important teams like Malaga, Depor, Oviedo …?

I comment internally that we should enjoy the moment we live, inside and out. I say we like it because you just need to see what the other teams are like. These teams a year or two ago were no worse than us, certainly worse than economically. This is football, when a lot of mistakes are made or things don't fit together as expected, these things can happen. Our first goal is to remain, but we are very concerned that this project is sustainable, that is, if not maintained in the First, that there is no problem that conditions the future. We always go step by step.

"Let's try to sign"

The general manager of Granada admits that his team will go to the winter market. And now I want to get hurt Quini de gravedad: “Yes, we will try to touch up. We have enough casualties, we have a year of very strong injuries. We now have several players in the ward and we will try to sign as much as possible without doing anything crazy. Obviously, we look for profiles that fit the way we work. ”The club has already started work.