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Apoel-Sevilla Lopetegui: “Fortunately, homework was already done” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Pair ratings in Seville about the defeat in Nicosia to Apoel, which has no qualifying consequences but which leaves bad taste in the Nervous team, which had been without losing in the mainland competition or in LaLiga.

Lopetegui: “It was a match complicated by the context and the rival, which squeezes. We had the penalty to come forward, we were scored on a standing ball and the end was messy. We wanted all three points, but we didn’t play as well as we know. Fortunately, homework was done. It’s always good to win, and more in Europe, but we don’t make it. They had a big motivation for the new coach. At times we were in control but in football when you forgive, it punishes you. Genaro made a good match, it wasn’t easy for him.”

Squire: “It’s important to play 150 official matches, it’s a huge pride, I would have wanted to meet them with a victory. I stay with the people who have been by my side, colleagues, hobby and technical staff. I hope it’s a lot more games. We lost this time but had chances to win the match. The penalty was a turning point, they came up and their goal to ball stopped changed the match. Couldn’t have been. We have to look forward to that draw. I’m sure the opponent you play will be difficult, but we have motivation.”

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Europa League

*Data updated as of December 12, 2019

Gudelj: “We wanted to finish the group stage with another win but we didn’t make it and it was our fault. He lacked patience, he circulated the ball more, we wanted to end up in the same band where we started. When we were driving we had to go through the bands. They were hoping to win us the ball in the middle passes. We had occasions, including the penalty. If he came in, the game would have been easier. In the end I spoke to Dabbur and he failed it, I don’t care who marks, we have to win and we’re a team. If you want to win the Europa League you have to beat everyone, I don’t care who touches in the draw. I try to make the most of every game I play, I think I’m doing well and I want to keep it that way.”

Rony Lopes: “We wanted to pass this group stage with victory. We’re sad we didn’t make it. He missed the goal, we created times that we should have put in. We knew they were strong to standing ball and had occasions like this. We were able to get away with the win, but we have to look at what we did well and get better. Not scoring means it wasn’t a good game. I don’t know if it was my best game, I try to get over it every day. We want to fight for more opportunities and more minutes. I’ve been comfortable in that hook position, I haven’t played there in years, but the coach gives me the confidence. I feel like being a starter in this team and being important, every game that happens I think I’m closer to that.”