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Athletic | Atlético deserved to score with Saúl de Termomix – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Atletico created many chances in the first half. There are so many who beat Osasuna if not for the great performance of his goal, Sergio Herrera. He attacked well led by the quality, category and hierarchy of João Félix, who participates increasingly and soon will be full of goals and assists. A header from the Golden Boy, who diverted the goalkeeper to the post, two more hostels for João, Lemar, Saúl and Thomas, avoided the myths of the rojiblancos. Osasuna showed he could create danger for the counterattack at any moment, but Atletico was always one point above.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Good debut Simeone was not complicated, took margarita pizza and arranged his classic 1-4-4-2 with Oblak; Trippier, Philip, Giménez, Manu Sánchez; Koke, Thomas, Saul and Lemar; João Felix and Morata. Quarry Manu Sanchez had a great debut and showed debut level before and question why Diego Pablo pulls Saul down the left side when he doesn't have Lodi. Margarita Pizza Koke went to the middle with Thomas after the break and Saul went to the right wing. In the 54th minute, he made the first substitution, Simeone, entering Correa by Lemar, dismissed with split opinions. Lemar's place on the left wing was occupied by Saul and Correa on the right wing. Ten minutes later, he pulled Herrera through Manu Sánchez and placed Saul in the left rear. Until the 80th minute that changed JoTheor Mario Hermoso's Felix, who went to the left and Saul returned to the right wing, passing Correa to Morata's partner in the lead, always with the 1-4-4-2 margarita pizza.

Blackboard. As Saul moved from demarcation to another, again Chef Cholo's Termomix, Atletico finally saw the door and got 2-0. The first goal worked the slate of Germán Burgos (as in the goal of Felipe al Lokomotiv that came from a corner) in an action with a free kick from Morata headed into the net. And Saul, playing sideways, did the second by demonstrating that he is one of LaLiga Santander's best players. Atletico slept in fourth place in the standings, fulfilling the goal. Saponjic will debut later …