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Athletic-Eibar Garitano-Mendilibar: Friendship moved to a Basque derby – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Athletic-Eibar Garitano-Mendilibar: Friendship moved to a Basque derby

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Saturday's derby at San Mamés between Athletic and Eibar brings together two friends. The relationship between Gaizka Garitano and Mendilibar goes beyond the friction between two Basque coaches separated by 40 kilometers. It will be the fifth confrontation in both. The two join the time in Athletic and Eibar and one can say that one is the teacher and the other the student. In the 2004-05 season, Mendi was the gunsmith's coach and Gaizka the team captain. Although he points out that he was under his command before "as a coach of Bilbao Athletic and I as dismissed from the first team." "Smokes, which hurts to say," apostles Mendi laughing.

The rojiblanco club joined them in Lezama before seeing their faces in San Mamés. Zaldibar's coach remembers Gaizka as a player and describes him as a diehard football player. "You don't know what it was like to train him. If he got in between the eyebrows and the eyebrows, doing something had to do it." But for the team he was a good player and a good person, "he says. And Garitano doesn't keep the ball on the ceiling:" I learned a lot from him on the pitch. In the field, it was very difficult, permeated the team with great intensity. I have told you many times about 'God', but when I finished the work I was just the opposite, a very good and intimate person. ”

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FOOTBALL 04 / 05Mendilibar, saying goodbye to Gaizka 14 years ago when one went to Athletic and the other to Real

The swords are high for Saturday, with Atletico poignant for their defeat at Villamarín and Eibar in a losing streak, with four consecutive defeats, near the critical zone, two points below. After this conversation, Gaizka Garitano and José Luis Mendilibar will not meet again until Saturday at half past six in the afternoon. "Good time for people, because there is time to eat. On Saturday. And for those who win, there will be time to party too. It will be a good day, San Mamés will be full. Let's see if a good game comes out," concludes Mendilibar.

Eibar represents humility, the football of before. Birthdays in Mendilibar's time were celebrated in the bars, "to eat a few skewers, drink a few beers and each one in your house," and card games encouraged long bus rides, giving way to compliments. "Athletic is always there, being as usual, and managing like that, continuing like this is milk. Eibar, I think he was a little lucky when he came up with Gaizka. That was when the televisions started giving money and everything was matched, "explains the coach of Zaldibar.

"Eibar is a smaller city, less media, and Athletic is a bigger club with more budget. But, by philosophy, it's special. How they grew up, how they get every year and, besides, being such a small town. They are like family. Eibar is a beautiful affair in football and so many years with Mendi in Primera are beautiful and special, "says Garitano.




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