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Athletic | Gaizka Garitano: "We were not athletes from other times" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Athletic was a cartoon in the first half and at Joaquín's house these jokes are paid for. In the second half, with a new system with three centrals and long lanes, it was better, at least had more nerves and presence in the opposite area. Garitano collected for the second time three goals, after making against Madrid. "The first three times they arrived, they scored three goals, we came out less intense, without pressure adjustment. We were not athletic at other times, but we ended up alive and we fought to the end. in the pressure and that's when two goals came up. They have top players. "

Athletic Coat of Arms / Flag

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of December 8, 2019

What did he say at break?

When you are in a situation like this, you need to see the team. What you need to do is what brought you here, the unity of the group … at least we had more defensive security and balance. We were close, but we couldn't get over it. In the first few minutes, we left the game.

What did you look for with the three centrals?

The team had no balance, often to get more attackers not to attack better, from a defensive security we wanted to climb. We finished the second half with dignity, which is Atlético, without giving up the loss.

After the first part of Joaquín, the qualifications are exhausted …

We knew the danger was for the left wing, where they saw it, and that's where the goals came from. We did not do what we had prepared. Against Betis, if you don't do everything perfectly on the defensive, you pay.

First time with a hat-trick of a 38-year-old player.

Very good, very good.

Will the system continue with three changes?

We lost in a complicated field, we can't go crazy. Let's look at the game coldly. We have to fix things from the first 25 minutes we did it wrong. The equipment has worked well so far.

Yuri let go!

When you play with incompatible systems between the two teams, we push well. They have three and make long tracks. We wanted to go against a track, play Capa and Yuri, which were extreme, broaden the field and try to attack with them.