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Athletic | Raúl García: “Last year was learning for young people” – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Raúl García was not in Villamarín for a penalty. Well it was noticed. 3-0 in the opening section and a mountain almost impossible to beat, although the crash ended 3-2. "The team is prepared for any absence, whether I am there or not, the game can be like that, nothing happens," says Navarrese midfielder. Yesterday, the veteran lion attended the Zero Wave Sports Awards gala at the Bilbao Sports Club to host the 18-19 Regularity Athletic. In the women's section, Vanesa Gimbert was awarded, the trajectory went to Manu Sarabia and Best Team, to Bilbao Basket.

The fateful last campaign, With the resignation of Berizzo, the return with Garitano and the Europa League square that escaped on the last subway, is considered by Raúl García as “a complicated year of learning, especially for young peoples; This helped us understand what you should do; It has been seen that we now follow the final leg of last season. "On Sunday at home, sanctioned by the accumulation of scolding, he was hitting the ball, had a bad time" because we all want to compete and suffer so much more ", so he wanted to get on the television screen", you can't help to team and that's the worst feeling. ”

About Eibar, he believes the team should continue to follow the usual lines of these months at home, "think about continuing with what we do well and correcting mistakes; many think otherwise because they are not well ranked, but it is a mistake." Sarabia emphasized that he does not have the game that consecrated him. “I was born to play soccer and you have the feeling that something is missing; I would do anything to play a little; Now there are players with talent and quality and Raúl has leadership skills. ”