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Atletico and Eibar remain dry in a terrible derby – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Atletico and Eibar remain dry in a terrible derby

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Athletic ended the year at home singing Christmas carols. Curled up, close to Unai Simón's goal, he devoted himself to smearing a beautiful service sheet during this dying 2019. Those who died in December 2018 with Berizzo rose from the grave and strolled through San Mamés to blow a birthday candle. . What a body! This version of Athletic, capable of winning, has not been known for Bilbao since a long time ago. A stunted team who celebrated an Eibar in smaller cloths for the losses in the defensive plot. He did not believe in the image of Mendilibar's similar enemy ramplón, because if it were not normal, he would have to go around the neck to give a tunda to attract an even more depressing opponent. But before local swimming, there was almost no answer, perhaps due to the lack of tools.

Garitano started with Unai López from midfield, with San Jose putting cement in the middle and Raúl García back to the 'nine' after absence in Seville due to injury. There was the mistake: there was no plot in the middle, the ball traveled like a zombie through everyone's boots. Changing profiles in the center of the field influenced the lack of fluidity. There was no game between the lines and Unai López was not caught, turned and activated something drinkable. The usual whirlwind was expected, but a & # 39; kiss & # 39; appeared on the scene. The Eibar released the high pressure of support, with everyone's commitment, and the lions stood, looking away. It is confirmed: with south wind, you can not play in San Mamés. Football goes on strike. He had been playing on Sundays for so long at two o'clock, that maybe that Saturday afternoon would be too rude. Bigas's injury on 20 minutes after a jump with Raúl García further contributed to a very strange engagement. Navarre's midfielder's arm was in every fight. A jump with Burgos, who entered through Bigas, left the Argentine with damaged cheekbones and nose, so much so that he decided to leave after just ten minutes in the green. . The ball was not thrown and the tempo was gunsmith's. A goal from Cordoba has been annulled, of course, out of play.

The nonsense has not stopped growing. Athletic urgently needed a jolt. The changes didn't bring that up, of course. Cordoba followed the tradition of being sacrificed at rest and Ibai left. At least the Rojiblancos had two brave matches. An author piece, the usual Williams, riding a GP bike and leaving rivals behind, but Ibai's shot was not accurate and stopped Dmitrovic. Athletic was finally closer to the opposite goal and was activated with the second moves. Oliveira's own goal was also crossed after the VAR review, due to an earlier anti-regulatory position. The derby passed through the sewer of oblivion. No one will miss him.


Eibar coach Jose Luis Mendilibar positively assessed his team's point in San Mamés with a goalless draw against Athletic, who broke a streak of four straight defeats in the team of guns.

"The odds were more similar to Athletic and we are very defensive. Although we have not generated any fear and for the game or VAR we have been unable to make occasions. The draw is good.""explained the coach.

Mendilibar explained that his initial idea was that the locals "didn't play comfortably from behind" and "Avoid long beats for Raúl García and Williams career extensions". "This has been their game and the play has cost a lot and they have not been able to leave. We cover the play well," he added.

Vizcaino's coach also emphasized that his players, "many of them within minutes," showed a "great commitment" from his players. "They behaved like great guys, so we were very good," he added.

Mendilibar gave the example of this commitment to Argentine Esteban Burgos, who officially debuted as an Eibar player, replacing the injured Pedro Bigas after 20 minutes.

The center played the rest of the game with a "fractured" face that suffered shortly after entering the field after a chance encounter with Raúl García.

"He's got something broken. He was there for the first time, but at halftime he said he could take it and take it. It wasn't easy and he made a good game. It's an example of that commitment, an uncle who debuted today, who with a break could have gone out and fought to the end like the rest "he stressed.


Esteban Burgos (20 ', Bigas), Ibai Gomez (45,, Inigo Cordoba), Villalibre (63 & # 39 ;, Unai López), Pablo De Blasis (81 & # 39 ;, Pedro León), Charles (86 & # 39 ;, Kike Garcia)


Referee: Mario Melero López
VAR Referee: David Medié Jiménez
Raul Garcia (54 Amarelo, Yellow) Kike Garcia (85 amarelo, yellow) Dmitrovic (87 Amarelo, Yellow) Sao Jose (89 Amarelo, Yellow) Cloak (91 Amarelo, Yellow) Tejero (93 amarelo, yellow