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Atlético – Osasuna | Atleti returns to goal – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Mobiles up. A hall of honor. A banner on the south bottom with the number and face of the man in a long black coat that received an emotional and perfect tribute at its height from a big guy on the grass and even more with her. I summed it up in block letters. "Thank you, Juanfran". The two teams in his life began to play with that ball he made on the honor roll. Athletic and Osasuna. The second did not take long to remove the skin of the lamb, leaving Oblak two warnings. A zapatazo from outside the Rubén García area, a left-footed shot from Brasanac that shocked Oblak and went to the club before the goalkeeper could hug him. Atleti began to cool, like a Malakito from Memphis, just landed at the Metropolitan.

And that in front of everything was Koke. He left concentration on Friday, was the father of dawn, there he was last night, captain in the grass. Without Lodi, he debuted in Cholo with Manu Sánchez, put another train in front of Lemar, returned Giménez to the title. Saul and Thomas, couple in the middle, went from less to more. If Atleti's game started with blows with Chimy Ávila and Giménez (the Costalazo that was hit was one that only hurt to see), and Manu Sánchez, Cholo clear order: "Siderurgia con el 9". Until John lights his wand for Atleti to heat up. Koke leaked a pass for him to enter the sitting area with an opponent and end up falling in front. The referee sent it.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Coat of Arms / Flag Osasuna

In the next ball, João Félix made a pipe for Rubén García. Since he ignored Cholo in sending him to the band, he hasn't stepped on it again. Normal. Where he is lethal is where he likes to play. Free, chasing all over the center of the attack. He soaked the grass of the class, though Osasuna didn't break down. WHerrera started her recital by breaking her foot once before Felipe hit Chimy Ávila with a kick. and the referee warns. "The last". The next time the Osasuna striker hit the ground, Manu Sánchez saw the yellow. It was the smallest of all.

While Lemar tried to get on that train, they end up at Atleti, with 30 meter passes and a shot in the dick. He has blood, thought the Metropolitan. It `s something. But Atleti was still headed by the wall Arrasate built. Impossible to find cracks in your shell. When a ball managed to overcome the barrier of men, such as Saul's, Herrera emulated Benji Price to ward off any danger from your goal. With the left arm or the tip of the glove, simply send a John header to the beam. Estupiñán grew in the left wing and Felipe overthrew Brasanac with a possible penalty that neither the referee nor the VAR decreed. The game would be filled again by that giant, Herrera. He was flying to stop Thomas from one of his traps. His companions kissed him on the way to the booth. Like the saints. If Osasuna left without injury it was because of his gloves.

The second part started as a screening of the first. Osasuna leaving two warnings about the Oblak goal. The first, after Saul gave a ball in the small area to Chimy Avila. The second, a stubborn David Garcia, who left stroking the beam. And Atleti again cold, as if instead of Atleti was the Aladdin of Murcia. And that John tried to light his wand again. But his return pass ended in Morata, who needs twenty chances to reach a goal.. Although Herrera failed an exit, though not. Lemar had already left without getting on the train and between whistles, and Simeone was looking to shake with Correa, but Herrera was kicking his leg. By the time Simeone took his Herrera for more control, Manu Sánchez was leaving (good debut) and Trippier launched a right-back foul for Morata to take the 22nd chance. He jumped on everyone like a colossus to head the ball into the net. He celebrated it with more anger than joy; in that eternal struggle that dwells in your head, he against your mind. Usually marks when you don't think.

Seven minutes later, I met Correa, who let the ball pass by Elche Express, who was at a diabolical speed. Your ball, the goal too, Herrera's broken gloves. And the Metropolitan again with cell phones. Because John was going out in the 80's between a standing ovation, because Koke was about to score a goal the day he was the first father, because Juanfran climbed into the box to greet again while the two teams of his life gave him the best tribute on the grass. An allegation of not giving up, although on the scoreboard Osasuna lost.


Leash (53 ', Lemar), Hector Herrera (62 & # 39 ;, Manu Sanchez), Adrian (72 & Roberto Torres), Robert Ibáñez (72 & # 39; Oier), Íñigo Pérez (78 Fran, Fran Mérida), Mario Hermoso (81 & # 39 ;, John Felix)


1-0, 66 & # 39 ;: Morata, 2-0, 74 39: Saul


Referee: José Luis Munuera Montero
VAR Referee: Pablo González Fuertes
Manu Sánchez (25 amarelo, yellow) Blacksmith (52 amarelo, yellow