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by: Adam Smith


Austrian Bundesliga with the absolute best

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The Bundesliga announced Monday afternoon that no other country in the current top 30 of UEFA's five-year ranking is celebrated as often as in the Bundesliga. "We have a very special football case behind us. A national goal was fired, internationally we had success against top clubs," said Bundesliga director Christian Ebenbauer.

Domestic football was raised to a whole new level. "The title as the highest-scoring league in Europe is a nice distinction, showing that it is offered a lot at a high level," Ebenbauer said.

The Bundesliga is not just on many lips because of the internationally successful performances of the series champions Salzburg, LASK and WAC. As many goals as in the Austrian House of Lords have never been scored in the major European leagues in the fall. There are 383 goals after 18 rounds, the average of 3.55 goals per game is a record in league history.

The previous record was 3.50 since the 2013/14 season. In the league that time, 315 goals fell. Now, for the 13th time since the league was introduced in 1974, a three-way cut could be cracked. The main reason for this was table leader Salzburg, who scored 66 more goals than any other team at this time of the season. The "Bulls" crossed the 50 mark for the third time, the previous club record having been 56 since 2014/15. In 2013/14, there were 53 hits.

Rapid Vienna and Austria Vienna made the most mark

Austria and Rapid had both scored 59 times in the league in 1985/86. This entry has now been deleted. Another remains, however: The two traditional Viennese clubs had achieved the over-50 mark the following year (Austria 51, Rapid 54). Otherwise, two teams have never managed to achieve this feat in a season.

This fall, thanks to fourth place WAC (41), two teams managed to score more than 40 goals for the first time since 2008/09. At that time, this was a trio with Salzburg (49), Sturm (44) and Rapid (42). It should also be emphasized that with the duels Admira – Austria (15th round) and St. Pölten – Mattersburg (16th round) only two matches ended with a zero number in the fall.

In a European comparison of goal scoring, of the "Big Five", only the German Bundesliga can keep up with the upper house at least. There have been 440 hits in 15 rounds so far, which means an average of 3.26. England (486 / 2.88), Italy (452 ​​/ 2.86), Spain (440 / 2.60) and France (432 / 2.44) follow.

Red Bull Salzburg with the most goals in the Bundesliga

Even if you look at other European leagues, it becomes clear that there is something special when the three-goal average is exceeded. This is currently the case in the Dutch Eredivisie (495 / 3.24). Switzerland (269 / 2.99) is just below it. Scotland (298 / 2.87), Belgium (428 / 2.85), Turkey (367 / 2.76), Czech Republic (433 / 2.71), Croatia (252 / 2.68), Greece (259 / 2.64), Ukraine (282 / 2.61), Portugal (303 / 2.44) or Russia (360 / 2.38) are dealing with fewer hits.

Before the Bundesliga season, the Austrian league scored far more hits than it currently does. In the 1950/51 season, the average after 18 games was around 5.15. Then Rapid was the target of all things, scoring 133 goals in 24 games.

The defending champion Salzburg leads the field as in 2018/19 with the goals. Although coach Jesse Marsch's team scored 20 times more often than last season at this time, the point balance reads somewhat poorer. Recently undefeated, there were two more draws this season than the year before – five instead of three.

The difference is the greater the competition. LASK, who secured a worthy finish to an exciting fall season with an exciting 3: 3 against Sturm Graz, is just two points behind Salzburg. In 2018/19, the lead over the later runner during the winter break had already been comfortable 14 points. It was even tighter at the top last in 2016/17 (Sturm and Altach / 36 each) and 2017/18 (Salzburg and Sturm / 41 each).