Euro 2020

Bahlsen also launches a major communication campaign in 2020 – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


The company Bahlsen, Texas, a leader in industrial pastry, following its successes in 2019, it opens in 2020 ambitious communication plan, confirming the partnership with the Network Rai and alongside a complementary planning on broadcasters Discovery.

The Bahlsen brand
will be in communication in the first part of the year and in the second half of the year, in the January-February and September-October periods corresponding to the most commercially relevant moments for chocolate consumption, doubling investment compared to the previous year.
The additional news will be a summer flight, dedicated to the product Messian (also recommended for consumption in the fridge) and that will also take advantage of the presence of selected spot passes during the 2020 European Football Championships.
The multi-subject campaign
Bahlsen tells in an ironic way the daily moments of a young family in sweet anticipation. Bahlsen cookies fit into this dynamic of couple, exploring the sweet and at the same time almost comical nuances, to create an empathetic bond with the audience.
This creativity, closed by the new claim “Made to be together“, marks a change for Bahlsen that focuses on empathy, realism and credibility, and that tells of a brand’s new positioning: to be at the center of shared, special but informal moments, because sharing is the true essence of sweetness.

The PiCK UP brand!
, it company’s flagship snack, focuses its communication campaign at two specific times of the year (January-February and September-October), focusing on the headings most followed by the youth audience.
It also confirms the sponsorship of the Coppa Italia 2020 event. The communication plan for the event 1 or 2 steps of Inspot, a 10-second format, integrated into the live and consistent with the context of the event. The commercials were made by the dealership by means of a Graphics that recalls the transgaming.orging context of the stadium, as if all the screens present, real and virtual, were tuned to the spot to celebrate the brand. Some symbols of the football stadium’s imagery (the VAR, the electronic replacement sign, the entry tunnel) thus become tools to convey a message perfectly inserted into the show.
The target of the product, corresponding to the age group 18-34 years old, is also strongly represented in football events, where the highest percentage of potential consumers is concentrated.

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