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Barca warned: three eliminations against Italians this decade – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Although Barca won their last Champions League after beating Juventus in the Berlin final (3-1), It cannot be said that Italian teams are their specialty. Not even after winning both games at Inter in the first round. Barca have been eliminated three times by Italian teams in the last ten years. The three, besides, different. Last fall in Rome in 2018 was about to precipitate Valverde's removal.

The three eliminations had one component very painful And everything was unexpected, but especially that of Rome. The level difference between the two teams was very high and Barça won the first leg of the quarter at Camp Nou 4-1. Although the team showed signs of fatigue and did not do their best, he won so well that no one thought Rome had the slightest chance of returning to the Olympics. But the unexpected happened. Dzeko, De Rossi and Manolas punished Barça's cowardice and shy approach, which allowed the biggest football party in the italian capital since Giallorossi eliminated Dundee United in 1984 before losing the final against Liverpool.

A year earlier then With Luis Enrique on the bench, Barça did another ridiculous in Turin. Notified as he was after 4-0 in Paris, which cost him a lot to beat (6-1), Luis Enrique and even the last member of the Barca locker room promised that the lesson was learned (remember Liverpool with Suarez?), But It was not so. The Spaniard repeated the draw 6-1, but the defense with three centrals was a fiasco, with Mathieu and Mascherano at a very low level. Dybala shook Barça (3-0) and Neymar and Messi failed to turn him (0-0).

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Fall 2010 also weighed heavily on fans. Barça was the best team in Europe for a long time. Champion of the sextete, gave the impression that he was unstoppable. In the semifinal, he measured Inter de Mourinho and started winning 0-1 at Giuseppe Meazza. The game looked like a piece of cake, but Barca lost the thread and the neroazzurri turned around: 3-1. At Camp Nou, Piqué's goal was not enough and Barça were not able to take fans to the dream final, Bernabéu's 2010 final which beat Inter de Mou without signing for Real Madrid.

In addition to being eliminated three times, Barca have given another big respite against Milan in the 2012-13 season. Half-depressed by Guardiola's farewell and announcing Tito Vilanova's cancer relapse in December 2012, the team made a terrible effort this season to win an upcoming League. But in the Champions League, he had bad nights, mostly. One of them, San Siro's. After losing 2-0, however, Barça retrace and win 4-0 on a magical Messi night that Villa and Alba ended. The only absolutely happy memory of Barca against the Italians is the Berlin Champions League final in June 2015. And the one that has been trying to repeat for five years.