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Barca win draw in Naples – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona have stomped on Diego Maradona’s heirs for the Champions League quarter-finals.

The Catalans won a hard-earned 1-1 (0:1) at the extremely defensive SSC Naples on Tuesday in the quarter-finals and secured a good starting position for the R’ckspiel on 18 March.

Antoine Griezmann (57th) scored for Napoli’s Dries Mertens (29th) to equalise for Barca, who scored in the decisive duel for Arturo Vidal. The ex-Monchner saw yellow-red (89th) shortly before the end.

“I believe in the great surprise,” Maradona, the idol of the Neapolitans, said in a newspaper interview: “Let’s go! Make history!” Messi, Argentinian too, is a “good boy,” but please don’t meet.

To make this happen, SSC coach Gennaro Gattuso also relied on the cheeky Leipziger Diego Demme in the defensive midfield at the San Paolo Stadium.

Ter Stegen at Mertens’ dream goal

The game control expects the goste. Barcelona finish sixth in Serie A, take on B’lle in derh H-lfte and play unspecified short Pésse. Napoli then got behind the ball at 11th and acted compactly but passively.

For the time being, this was used to prevent scoring chances, but the Italians only have to see the curling H-lfte from a distance for a long time – until Mertens met after a counter, unsustainable the German national goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen.

Messi has little influence on the game in his first appearance in Naples, often standing between two F’nfer defence chains and failing to get the ball at all.

Napoli have no reason to change their extremely defensive orientation after the game. A single inattention was enough to get Barca into the game. Ter Stegen saved briefly against the free-kick José Callejon (63rd).

German referee Felix Brych, with his 57th Game Champions League record holder, has no problems with the management.